"O Allah, keep the earthquakes and tragedies coming – cursed be Europe, Israel and the United States",

Italy: Jihadists exalt Abruzzo earthquakes


Religion of Jihad, blood & guts shows compassion:

Dubai, 8 April (AKI) Jihadist users of Al-Qaeda linked websites have been rejoicing at the devastating earthquake that hit Italy’s central Abruzzo region on Monday, describing it as a “divine punishment” for “the enemies of Islam”. The earthquake killed over 260 people, injured hundreds more and destroyed thousands of buildings, leaving 20,000 homeless. 

“At last they have had their dark days too. O Allah, kill them and leave them destitute vagabonds,” said one of a series of comments that have appeared on various jihadist websites this week.

* Berlusconi tells media to get stuffed: “The Italian press seems to have no other objective than to say that I made bad impressions or gaffes.”

* You can always blame the Jooozz: Israel to send delegation to aid quake-stricken victims

The Abruzzo earthquake has made headline news around the world, and Al-Qaeda sympathisers have followed via Arabic TV networks.

The jihadists appear to be engaged in contest to see who can post updates on the death toll from the earthquake fastest.

A series of strong aftershocks since the main quake have caused further damage, hampering rescue efforts and further terrorising the population in the town of L’Aquila and surrounding villages. One man died of a heart-attack following a quake on Tuesday. 

Between 20-30 people were still missing on Wednesday.

“O Allah, keep the earthquakes and tragedies coming – cursed be Europe, Israel and the United States,” wrote ‘Ashiq al-Irhab’, which in Arabic means ‘desirous of terrorism’.

Another jihadist site, ‘al-Shura’, has been publishing tolls of the Abruzzo earthquake victims beneath each article, accompanied by a macabre prayer. 

The prayer reads: “O Allah, may the death toll continue to rise. Destroy our enemies and help Muslims!”

A user of the ‘al-Shura’ website, Nureddin al-Zanki, writes: “We have a stronger weapon than guns – our prayers, which will further drive up the numbers of victims.”

Similar messages from jihadists have been posted to the ‘Ansar’ and ‘Mujahidin’ websites, whose users have rejoiced in the past at other disasters to hit western nations.

4 thoughts on “"O Allah, keep the earthquakes and tragedies coming – cursed be Europe, Israel and the United States",”

  1. The earthquakes that killed 100’s of thousands in Bam, Iran(2003) and Indonesia(2004) occured



  2. These evil people rejoice in death and destruction. They worship Death. Allah is Thanatos – indeed, not simply Thanatos, Death, but Murder – personified and apotheosised.

    Sane and normal human beings of many faiths (and of none) feel compassion when they see other human beings – irrespective of creed, colour, etc. – suffering from earthquakes and other natural calamities (fire, flood).

    But Muslims, if thoroughly brainwashed into their cult, are conditioned to feel no pity at all nor any compulsion to offer assistance: if the victims are Muslims, it means that allah the god of death and hate is ‘punishing’ them, they must have been bad Muslims, who cares what happens to them, leave them to suffer and die; while if the victims are non-muslims, well, they deserve whatever bad things come their way, allah is punishing them for not being Muslims (and if allah is slack about the punishments, Muslims are entitled to pile on the punishment as and when they can).

    Unfortunately for Muslims: the more we non-Muslims discover about the stony hearts and depraved sensibility of those thoroughly suffused with Islam, the less likely we are to feel concerned about, or want to help (in the event of some future misfortune for dar al Islam) those who gloat, crow, party, hand out candies and generally, obscenely, insanely, gleefully take pleasure in the spectacle of the mass suffering and death of human beings Muslim and Non-Muslim.

    Those Muslims who are, figuratively speaking, dancing on the graves of the earthquake victims in Abruzzo may find, next time dar al Islam is visited with a catastrophic earthquake, that Italians at least will not be much interested in offering the smallest drop of sympathy to members of the Ummah.


  4. October 2009 – the quake in Indonesia today has killed more than 1,000, officials say. and the toll is rising. What an irony!
    Next time lord, please may we have it in Saudi Arabia, around MECCA – that would be lovely,
    thank you lord.

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