Pirates, Failed Islamic States and 'Donor Nations'

The real reason why the global Muslim community doesn’t get upset over Somali pirates? It’s a family tradition.


Fitzgerald: “Islam Is Not Monolithic” and Divisions Within the Camp of Islam

Another week, another Donors’ Conference. This time, it’s Somalia. Somalia, described — does anyone know what this phrase that has come into fashion really means? — as a “failed state.” And these “failed states” — which all happen to be Muslim states — have to be propped up, and propped up, and propped up, it seems, by money from non-Muslim states, non-Muslim taxpayers. Because, you see, it is the absence of money that causes these states to be “failed states.” And any Muslim state will become a “failed state,” apparently, if it lacks the unmerited manna of oil-and-gas revenues (the Muslim members of OPEC have received more than twelve trillion dollars since 1973 alone), or if it is not given all kinds of special benefits and enormous injections of Infidel aid.

Regarding that aid, see Pakistan, see Egypt, see Jordan, and, of course, see the Favorite Charity of Everyone, apparently, the local Arab shock troops of the Lesser Jihad against Israel, the soi-disant “Palestinians” — who, as a separate people, were founded round about late 1967, a few months after the Six-Day War ended, and it was time to take a different propagandistic tack.

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3 thoughts on “Pirates, Failed Islamic States and 'Donor Nations'”

  1. Money to Muslim countries..I wonder how many western people realize all this..it is a total madness…
    I lived in an islamic country for quite a few years..I saw the endless hypocrisy , the endless unfairness etc..the fake castles , the swiss bank accounts , the numerous oulandlandish mosques and then found out that my little country was still giving aid to these lying morons..There is some weird western thing where they see poverty but don’t get the cause of it.
    If men in my country were having nine wives and fifteen dozen children there would be poverty here also..Our current leader is fabulously wealthy but he made his money himself , he did not rip off endless govt projects to become wealthy as all muslim leaders do. Most of the big cheeses in the country I lived in , had wine sellers…as with every other rule in an islamic country, rules regarding alcohol are selectively applied.

  2. Theresaj says it as it is – and she is not the only one to have seen the muslim
    hypocracy and double standards that are applied in daily life in all muslim states. Comment Irfan???

    Actually, with any luck the sun around planet Irf has gone nova and the original mass of its star was > 20 solar masses which means planet irf should be sucked into a lovely space/time singularity – well one can hope!

  3. Yes Kaw ,
    I think westerners who haven’t lived in islamic countries cannot comprehend the hypocrisy and the double standards..all the pollies in these countries live extraordinarily , extravagant lives..flying all round the world on shopping trips etc..so they force ordinary people to live by austere standards they could never themselves abide by..Like raving on how good the local education system is and then sending their own children to exclusive schools in the UK..or the US….
    I meant to say cellars in the previous post.

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