More Jihad in Iraq, While the Left Destroys America From the Inside

SOMALIA: Donor conference prompts mixed reactions

Iraq: Deadly bombing hits Sunni mosque,”  from AKI, April 23 

and another one today:

Iraq:  60 killed in double suicide bombing

Updated on 24 April 2009/Source PA News

Back-to-back suicide bombings have killed 60 people outside the most important Shiite shrine in Baghdad, a day after the country was rocked by its most deadly violence in more than a year.

The bombings are the latest in a series of high-profile attacks blamed on Sunni insurgents, police officials said.

The latest bombers detonated explosive belts within minutes of each other near separate gates of the tomb of prominent Shiite saint Imam Mousa al-Kazim, located in the northern neighbourhood of Kazimiyah, said a police official.

Netanyahu to Obama: You take care of Iran, and then we’ll talk

Today in History: 18 Years ago Today the NY Times Called for the US to Overthrow Saddam Hussein….

Czech Soldiers in Afghanistan: “We’re Not Going to Fight, it’s Dangerous”….

Batshit Crazyness:

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ramps up Democratic pressure for a torture “truth commission,” a Republican Congressman is firing back that should any Bush officials get prosecuted, his party needs to go nuclear.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., told Politico that the GOP should “shut down” legislative activity across the board – if any Bush-era officials are singled out for prosecution.

“We would need to have a scorched-earth policy and use procedural means to bring the place to a halt – go to war,” he added.


The resurgence of left-wing extremism

By Michelle Malkin  •  Data point - Hillary cackles at serious questions about the effectiveness of enhanced interrogation.  Lead Story

Well, DHS isn’t going to be issuing alerts about it any time soon. But it’s here: the resurgence of left-wing extremism.

Data point – wailing about torture and indulging in Cheney Derangement Syndrome:  Data point - Hillary cackles  and giggles at serious questions about the effectiveness of enhanced interrogation.

Data point – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ups pressure for ‘truth’ panel on torture