The Pope Who Missed the Bus


Damian Thompson/Holy Smoke

Why is Pope Benedict supporting the UN’s ‘anti-racist’ hatefest against Israel?

I don’t often have a go at Pope Benedict XVI, but WHY is he supporting the United Nations conference on “racism” in Geneva? You know, the one where leading anti-racist (and Holocaust denier) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a major participant. The one convened by that celebrant of human rights, Libya. The one where speaker after speaker is lined up to gibber about the most evil racist regime the world has ever known, ie the Zionist entity.

I’ve been reading the preparatory documents for this ridiculous event, known as Durban II, and I can see why the Obama administration, together with pant-wettingly PC Australia and Canada, is boycotting it. Even the BBC is having doubts about it, which is saying something. But, as its website reports:

The Pope spoke out in favour of the conference, saying it was an opportunity to fight discrimination and intolerance. “We ask for firm and consistent action, at national and international level, to prevent and eliminate any form of discrimination and of intolerance,” he said.

With respect, Holy Father, it’s not an opportunuity to fight racism; like the disgusting fiasco in Durban in 2001, it’s an opportunity for African dictators and Jew-baiting Islamists to fulminate against Israel and the neo-Nazi, anti-Arab hordes that are sweeping across racist Europe, while dismissing any trifling Muslim assaults on other faiths as Islamophobic myths.

I wonder if the Vatican is sending any bishops to Geneva. I can think of one who’d feel at home there, can’t you? 

One thought on “The Pope Who Missed the Bus”

  1. well the RCC is inherently globalist, and maintaining oligarchal and bureaucratic influence in the kingdoms of this world takes precedence and always has

    they also share with the Muslims a reverence for Mary, this is convenient to NWO ecumenicism. The former Yugoslavia presents a microcosm of who aligns with who.

    They play both sides of the coin; in the US it’s the Latin American-style “liberation” types on the left, the Georgetown Cocktail Circuit on the right; all of them spout “social justice” rhetoric.

    and they only believe in separation of church and state only until they get to be the ones spearheading policy, theirs is just another form of elitist collectivism asserting ideological precedence and conformity

    long live the US Constitution

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