UK: Anjem Choudary Attacks Easter

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ATTACK: Choudary speaks against Christian day

By Ted Jeory

EASTER is evil, proclaimed Muslim preacher of hate Anjem Choudary last night as he plumbed new depths by delivering his vile attack on the holiest Christian festival of the year.


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The message was posted on Choudary’s website Islam4UK, which is a group inspired by exiled cleric Omar Bakri that wants the “flag of Allah” to fly over Downing Street. An article on the site claimed that Easter was merely a “pagan festival” and “nothing to do with Jesus”.

Firebrand cleric Choudary, who led the insults against a parade of British soldiers in Luton last month, denied writing the article, but when asked if he believed Easter was evil, he said yesterday: “I think that anything that’s non-Islamic is evil, I do believe that, yes. To attribute a son to God is anathema to Islam and I do believe that it’s an insult to God.”

When it was suggested that Christians might be offended, he said: “It’s not insulting to disagree with people’s beliefs. I’m not saying that Christians are evil.” He said Christians should “accept the final message of Mohammed and come back to the true monotheistic faith”.

He added: “Christianity, like all religions that are not Islamic, is misguided. Anything outside Islam is not good and you have good and you have evil, don’t you?

“Jesus was a messenger of Allah and he will return one day and show the deviations and misconceptions of Christianity. Easter is not in fact part of Christianity in the first place – it has been invented, it’s a pagan festival.”

His rant came as he backed a decision by Muslim-led Tower Hamlets Council in east London to allow extremist Anwar al-Awlaki, who has links to Al Qaeda, to broadcast a series of video messages last night to a conference at the Brady arts centre, Whitechapel, which is publicly owned.

5 thoughts on “UK: Anjem Choudary Attacks Easter”

  1. “Defamation of religion”?

    The UN will respond by … criminalising “attacks” on islam.

  2. Re: Choudary and the Resurrection of Christ.

    At the cross Jesus took upon Himself the curse of the law.

    Mohammad did not accept this exchange; while Jesus clearly states that Abraham did by faith. Jn(8.56-59

    Those who reject Jesus and accept Mohammad, place themselves under the curse of the law whose punishment is eternal separation from God (Hell).

    The notion that god weighs your good and bad deeds as a means to reward some with heaven and others with hell, shows implictly that the islamic god is not the Holy God.

    A God that is Holy cannot accept any sin whatsoever. The implications are that a god who accepts sin partially is no God at all.

  3. Christ said His was the last Word. PERIOD. Since I believe HIM, then Islam and their criminal prophet are all lies. PERIOD.

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