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Update: UK is Best Country for Euro-Muzz

FACES OF ISLAM — Many British Muslims believe that leading a truly pious Islamic life is facilitated by the benefits of living in a liberal democratic society such as the United Kingdom. The photo shows Muslim women standing still to remember the people who died in the 7 July 2005 London bombings that were carried out by British Muslims. 

Obama online team hired to help fight BNP


The firm behind President Barack Obama’s online election campaign have been signed up to help “anti-racists” take on the British National party in the European parliament elections in June. (Islam is not a race, but it pays to play the race-card to smear the opposition/ed)



Jacqui Smith is clinging on by her fingernails

Since she was over-promoted, there has been a string of gaffes. Now Jacqui Smith’s political career is on Death Row, says Andrew Pierce.


Must we really subsidise pornography for Jacqui Smith’s husband?

* Al-Qaeda terrorist prisoners plotted to escape in hijacked helicopter

Accomplices on the outside were to hire the helicopter for “business” then force the pilot to land in prison at gunpoint. Nine Muslim inmates plotted to kidnap the jail imam during prayers with weapons hidden in the prison mosque.


UK: Sudden Jihad Syndrome as Taxi Driver Clubs Rider…

Asylum Seeker Admits Sex Assault Spree on British Women

Terrorist suspect ‘beaten’ by Metropolitan police

US troops ‘tricked into killing Afghan drug clan’s rival’

Islam in Britain: Catholic School-children Attacked by Gang…