Without Swords, Without Guns, Without Conquest

 Dr. Wafa Sultan

From the Freedom blog:

Islam knows that the only way to truly defeat the West is from within. It has learned well from the pages of history that empires fall when their hearts rot. The West has lost its spirituality, it has becomes a soulless hedonistic empire bent on instant gratification as opposed to long term values, the western world disintegrates internally while Islam becomes the fastest growing religion. Unless the West wakes up, while there is still time, it is doomed and Oswald Spengler’s predictions from the early 1920s will become true.

While I do not agree that the all too simplistic solution suggested at the end of the following video will reverse the trend, I am alarmed by the demographics problem it so well describes:

The West must wake up or perish. Our way of life, our heritage, can only continue to exist, can only continue to flourish if we care enough to stand up for them. Judging by the “enlightened” Europeans and American “liberals” (sheeple, to be more accurate!) I doubt enough Westerners are concerned about our lifestyle to even bother reversing the seemingly inevitable. So… all you enlightened, pseudo intellectuals of the left please watch this video of a courageous Arab woman:

I have no doubt there’ll be those accusing me of fear mongering, I have no doubt there’ll be those ridiculing my concerns. The fact remains, however, whether some people choose to believe the above or they choose to ignore it… the West, as of now, is inexorably marching into self destruction. With no lasting values to defend, with no civilization they know or understand, with no heritage they place any value in… the world – as we Westerners know it – is bound to reverse into the most dreaded days of barbarian 7th century with no democratic laws to defend the individual, with no rights other than those of the self appointed elite and one where a hadith informs us that “a woman’s paradise is under her husband’s foot!” As Muammar Qaddafi says the West is being vanquished without swords, without guns, without conquest… I pray we wake up SOON!!! The window of time is closing…

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