Euro Jihad: Who "Hijacked" the Religion of Peace?

UK releases al-Qaeda operatives who plotted to bomb shopping centers

  • Lets turn ’em all lose, what could go wrong?

“If such a plot was carried out, it would almost certainly have been Britain’s worst terrorist attack, with the potential to cause more deaths than the suicide attacks of July 7, 2005, when 52 people were murdered” (from this story). “Pakistani men ‘part of al-Qaeda network planning attacks in Britain,” by Duncan Gardham for the Telegraph

Italy charges two French nationals, including an imam, in al-Qaeda plot

Eurabia Alert: There are also connections to Britain, Belgium and Malika El-Aroud, the jihad propagandist who was collecting “unemployment” benefits. “Italy charges two Frenchmen with Al-Qaeda terror plots,” from Agence France-Presse



  • I guess he actually meant to say “Islam is a crime against humanity”– but we’re not quite there yet.
  • He said it before, he is merely repeating himself. Keep in mind that ‘humanity’ for Muslims means the Muslim ummah only, because unbelievers are the “vilest of creatures”

ISTANBUL (A.A) – 12.05.2009 – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Islamophobia was a humanity crime.

“Every policy, which is based on this humanity crime or carries traces of this understanding, is wrong and will be destructive,” added Erdogan who spoke at the inauguration of the 7th Eurasia Islamic Council meeting in Istanbul.

  • “Destructive”  is anything that doesn’t help to spread Islam in this context.

Erdogan also said that each problem in the Eurasia geography could not be a problem of a single person or society or country, adding that it was necessary to solve problems all together.

Noting that an approach, which was considered as a freedom of expression in a country, could hurt another culture and country, Erdogan said that this happened in caricature crisis recently.

In 2006, a Danish newspaper published caricatures insulting prophet Mohhammed.

Erdogan noted that insistence on a mistake turned a spark into a fire. He said that if the borders of freedom of expression were drawn more reasonably, painful experiences would not have happened.

Erdogan expressed belief that it was possible to decrease prejudices against different religions and cultures to the minimum level, adding that this would bring peace.

Recalling that Turkey and Spain, with this understanding, initiated Alliance of Civilizations project under UN roof, Erdogan said that the project contributed to civilizations’ understanding and knowing each other. 

  • Erdogan and his crew of Islamic headbangers have never contributed anything towards civilization or understanding, but they have done everything to advance the cause of Islam and to turn the clock back in Turkey.