Maldives doesn't respect Infidel Laws…

31_katie_priceLONDON – Katie Price a.k.a Jordan faces the prospects of being jailed after the busty model was caught sunbathing in Maldives – naked.

The 30-year-old broke strict Muslim laws by shedding her clothes to soak up the sun – a crime that can land tourists in jail, reports the Mirror.

And an angry local fisherman said: “This woman’s behaviour is unacceptable.

“If she comes to a Muslim country she should respect Islamic laws and customs,” he added. The glamour gal flew to the five star Conrad Resort and Spa on Rengali island after her acrimonious split from husband Peter Andre. (ANI)

* Strange. So many Muslims are literally dying to invade the lands of the infidels and don’t have any intentions to respect our laws. Any idea why they’re so adamant that we respect theirs?

5 thoughts on “Maldives doesn't respect Infidel Laws…”

  1. “If she comes to a Muslim country she should respect Islamic laws and customs,”

    If muslims come to Australia they should respect Australian law.

    Even more telling is the islamists fear of nude women – which may be correlated to the rather high rate of sexual crimes committed by muslims.

  2. Kaw,

    Why should Muslims respect Australian laws, which are man-made, when their laws come straight from Allah, so must be superior.

    Infidels just don’t get it: Islam does not “do” reciprocity!

  3. well, i think that since the maldives want this model to respect maldivian law just because she is visiting, then the muslims should have to obide by the laws of any country they visit.

  4. There are good people and bad people , in all religions , ethnicities , the fact is u can’t walk around in the UK naked either u go to jail or
    Get fined or in decency exposure.

    As for all this anti Islam fever that’s going around I’d say ppl
    Calm down , the main article sums as if all Muslims are the same , they are not , religion should be separate from
    States but than again our laws are
    From the
    Bible and Torah aswell. Stop the hate , increase the peace and read and understand , it’s easy to generalise n hate. N understand we are living under an empire the US that has over 1000 military bases, it’s all a game don’t fall for it!

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