"Miss Beautiful Morals"

If looks could kill:

too ridiculous to mention. But this is the cult that wants to dominate us. This is the cult that Obama bows to:


Tim Blair –

“Unlike conventional pageants, looks will not play a part in the competition.” Well, obviously. But will Perez Hiltonbe allowed to ask contestants about gay marriage?

* What kind of morals are these freaks promoting? Breeding “martyrs” like Umm Nidal? Being invisible and ready for sex anytime the pasha calls?

Where are Western feminists? Where is womens lib and all the liberated tarts who want to break the ‘glass ceiling?’ 

One thought on “"Miss Beautiful Morals"”

  1. Ofcourse we have to be vigilant and keep on shining the light on this dark and ignorant belief system. When you really look closely at Islam in the 21st century you can sense that this is their last hurrah, no doubt their will be more atrocities in the name of the death cult. Especially when they realise that their backs are against the wall. In it’s present form it has nothing but regression to offer humanity.

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