Niqab "forbidden?" Not. What does the Koran really say about the veil?

Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowment Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq: Wearing the Niqab Is Forbidden in Islam

Not so.  My Koran from the ‘King Fahd Academy’ must not be doubted. And besides, the Saudis call the shots:

Surah 33. AlAhzab,  59 O prophet! Tell your wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their cloaks  (veils) all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except eyes or one eye to see the way) that will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed.  And Allah is oft-forgiving, most merciful.


Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowment Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq, which aired on Al-Hayat 2 TV on November 8, 2010:

Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq: Wearing the niqab is completely forbidden in Islam.

Interviewer: It is forbidden.

Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq: Yes.

Interviewer: So not only is it not a duty – it is even forbidden?

Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq: It is not a duty, not part of the Sunna, and not recommended or anything.


There is another thing – the niqab prevents interpersonal communication. Islam strives to benefit society, and the spreading of the niqab is not in the best interest of society. The niqab is used to commit crimes. This has happened is several Islamic countries. In Somalia, for example, two veiled women blew themselves up in a large mosque, killing more than 50 people. Interpersonal communication is impossible unless people’s faces are visible. If I talk to somebody, I want to see how my words affect this person – whether what I say is accepted or causes anger, and so on. The niqab prevents us from communicating with one another.

Interviewer: What is your view on girls who are made to wear the hijab? In Egypt, it is very common these days to make 3-4 year old girls wear the hijab, and if you ask their parents, they say it is in order to get her used to the hijab.

Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq: First of all, this is not required by Islam. Let me tell you a story. The late Sheik Tantawi once told me that he went to inaugurate an Al-Azhar elementary school for girls, in Burj Al-Arab, I think. He told me that he was astounded to see all the girls there wearing the hijab. They were only six years old. So he asked: Why do you force them to wear the hijab? He was told that their parents insist upon it. This is a serious mistake, because a girl of this age wants to experience her childhood and play with her peers. Why would we deprive her of this? This hinders her development and her education. It is totally unnecessary.


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U.K.: At least three Islamic schools enforce compulsory niqab for girls as young as 11

“It is a desert practice which belongs to another century and another world.”

The professional “moderate” Muslim Ed Husain said that.

Spencer:   If the media were quoting us, we’d be pilloried as “Islamophobes” (and somehow, “racist” as well). The OIC would accuse us of “incitement” and demand someone stop us.

British schools where girls must wear the Islamic veil

Quick! “Baroness ” Warsi to the front!  Lets have her give the Brits another lecture on Britishness:

‘No Country has the Right to Tell a Woman What She Should Wear and What She should Not Wear…; If She Wants to Wear … [a] Trouser Suit or She Wants to Wear a Burqa This is Her Individual Choice, and That’s Britishness’  … (Source)

Hundreds of girls are being forced by British schools to wear the Islamic veil in a move which has been heavily criticised by mainstream Muslims. (WTF is a “mainstream” Muslim? It sure is not in the Koran!)

Critics warned that the spectacle of burka-clad pupils entering and leaving the schools could damage relations between Muslim and non-Muslim communities

Islamic schools have introduced uniform policies which force girls to wear the burka or a full headscarf and veil known as the niqab.

Moderate followers of Islam said yesterday that enforcement of the veil was a “dangerous precedent” and that children attending such schools were being “brainwashed”.   (Telegraph UK) Continued below the fold>>>>

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“Deadly Enemy”

Totally gaga: Bill Maher Calls Republicans ‘A Deadly Enemy’

Gateway: Hundreds of Leftists March at One Nation Rally Chanting: “Obama Aint No Socialist. We Are! We Are!” (Video)

Demented Banana Bender:

Castro-supporting actor Harry Belafonte lashed out at the “insidious” Tea Party Movement today at the leftist One Nation rally.

The leftist crowd loved it.

Harry Belafonte at One Nation Rally Lashes Out at “Insidious Tea Party… Moving To Achieve Villainous Ends” (Video)

“Winnipeg students” join jihad in Pakistan, local Muslims “stressed” over ongoing investigation

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The AGE & the Brisbane Times Openly Promote the Freedom Sack

Update: Born for the Freedom Sack!

Some people are indeed made for the freedom sack. Here’s an update on Rachel Woodlock, who is definitely  better off and “protected from thinking under portable seclusion”. (thanks to Mullah)

You can read her full Monash profile below the fold.

Rachel is  supervised by Professor Emeritus Gary Bouma, featured here...

Get your vomit bag:

RACHEL WOODLOCK takes a look “Beneath the veil”

Rachel seems to be  another progressive airhead who believes misogyny is a fashion statement that liberates from thinking,  FGM is a ‘rite of passage” and polygamy  means family values.

Source: The Age/Brisbane Times/thanks to Mullah

(Check out the comments, doesn’t look like many buyers…)

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“What’s liberating about Islam is that one is spared from having to think.”

by Rita Karlsen/Frontpagemag

From front to back: Rachel Woodlock, Shanaaz Copeland, Nejla Selbibeg and Saiqa Perveen in Sydney Road, Brunswick.

UMM Yusuf, an Australian convert to Islam who lives in suburban Fawkner, is finishing her afternoon prayers. The house is fragrant with the smell of the tomatoes, cumin and coriander her Bangladeshi husband is cooking in the kitchen.

I’m sitting on cushions on a richly patterned rug on their living room floor, waiting. I smile at the three girls and their brother gazing at me with unashamed curiosity. I’ve come to ask their mother about how she embraced Islam as a teenager 17 years ago and then converted, and how she came to wear the face-veil known as the niqab soon after.

She asked that I give her name as Umm Yusuf, an Islamic honorific meaning ”mother of Yusuf”. Back when she converted, she says, ”I didn’t know there were any women in Melbourne that did wear the niqab.’‘ Yet now she says it gives her a great sense of freedom.

Its all about “modesty”, right?

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Ireland Muslim Group Demands "Acceptance" of Niqab, Burqa, Jilbab, Hijab etc…..

H/T Counter Jihad

Its all about “freedom”, you see…

THE IRISH Council of Imams, a group which represents Muslims living in Ireland, has spoken out against attempts to ban the niqab elsewhere in Europe and called on members of the religion to contribute positively to the societies in which they are living.

Contributing Islamic females…..

The council said that a ban on the niqab – a veil worn by Muslim women that covers everything except the eyes – violates personal freedoms guaranteed by democratic systems.

It added that such bans also constitute an obstacle to multiculturalism, integration and human rights.

IrishTimes .com

Burqa-clad bank robbers stage French post office hold-up

Well, I guess they thought its better to make hey while the burqa is not  banned….

TWO burqa-wearing bank robbers have held up a post office near Paris, using a handgun concealed beneath an Islamic-style full veil, court officials said.

French Clamp down on the Burqa

BNP/ French officials have denied citizenship to a man who forced his French wife to wear the Islamic full-face veil known as the burqa. The authorities cited the rejection of national values such as secularism and gender equality, as reasons for the move.

During the application procedure, the Moroccan man had alarmed officials by claiming that hiswife will never be able to go out without the full veil.”

He added:I don’t believe in gender equality; women have inferior status; I will not respect the principles of the secular society.

Forced Marriages in Canada

Sakina (fictitious name) was born in Bangladesh yet raised in Montreal. At 16, she returned to her homeland with her parents under the pretext of visiting her sick grandmother. The young woman was then forced to marry a man twice her age – despite her resistance. More from Medilex


Space Age, space cadet, f*kcwit…..

When I first read this on Pamela’s site, I thought it was parody. Now that I’m reading it on the Guardian (of Muslims) “comment is free” site,  I think its beyond parody.

But then suddenly, it hit me: the writer,  a Raphaël Liogier,  is the director of the Observatoire du religieux ( and a professor of universities at the Institut d’études politiques d’Aix-en-Provence and the Institut de management public et de gouvernance territoriale and he means what he says:

France’s attack on the veil is a huge blunder

Women donning the full veil are not against modernity but represent rather its sophisticated product, just like westernised Buddhists. The veil, ­surprising as this may seem, is good news for modern values. Some smart young women keep a niqab in their bag but only wear it in Paris’s Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, in order to draw attention to the fact that they belong to the best Muslim set, that they really have got that Muslim chic, something like the equivalent behaviour in a gay district. This deep western social movement is no threat to modern values, but rather vindicates the latter under unexpected aesthetic guise: it is so ­individualistic and depoliticised that it is more of a real threat for Islamism and terrorist networks themselves.

It is a massive blunder to fight this new, ultra-modern Islam. And it is not only France that is heading towards a colossal error of understanding – ­politically capable of spinning into historic proportions – but also Europe, the United States, and all the other post-industrial countries, blinkered by Islamophobia, who turn out to be incapable of catching up on their own deep cultural changes and recognising their own best interests. It is a kind of collective, generational jet lag.  Read it all>>

To which I can only say:  Raphaël, STFU!

Egypt: Fatwa Against The Freedom Sack?

Too radical for the radicals?

Egypt cleric ‘to ban full veils’

Even the  headbanger chiefs  are running scared of the current trend towards Talibanization: Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, dean of al-Azhar university, called full-face veiling a custom that has nothing to do with the Islamic faith.

Update: Fatwa Reversed:

That didn’t last long, did it? From Al Jizz

Shaikh Ali Abu al-Hasan, the former head of the Fatwa Council at the Islamic Studies Institute (ISI) in Cairo, said although it was not required by Islam for women to cover their faces, Al-Azhar University should allow women to chose what they want to wear.

“No official has the right to order a young lady to remove a form of dress that was sanctioned by none other than Umar ibn al-Khattab, except for the purposes of identification for security reasons,” he said.

“The niqab [face veil] is not in contravention of the sharia or Egyptian law.”

Shaikh Safwat Hijazi, a scholar and preacher, said he would personally sue anyone who prevented his daughter or wife wearing full niqab from going about her daily life, including entering government offices.

“Preventing a woman from wearing what she wants is a crime,” Hijazi said. “Whoever says the niqab is a custom is not respectable.” (hmm, usually its not whether these women want to wear it. Its more common to kill them if they don’t../ed)

46496721_1The niqab has become increasingly popular among Egypt’s Muslim radicals

H/T Vlad Tepes

BBC NEWS… Egypt’s highest Muslim authority has said he will issue a religious edict against the growing trend for full women’s veils, known as the niqab.


Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, dean of al-Azhar university, called full-face veiling a custom that has “nothing to do with the Islamic faith.”

You may recall that at his infamous Cairo speech in June, President Obama talked about the ‘right’ of Muslim women to wear the veil. At the time, many people ridiculed the statement, because women are far more likely to be forced to wear the veil than they are to be penalized for wearing it voluntarily.

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Although most Muslim women in Egypt wear the Islamic headscarf, increasing numbers are adopting the niqab as well.

The practice is widely associated with more radical trends of Islam.

The niqab question reportedly arose when Sheikh Tantawi was visiting a girls’ school in Cairo at the weekend and asked one of the students to remove her niqab.

The Egyptian newspaper al-Masri al-Yom quoted him expressing surprise at the girl’s attire and telling her it was merely a tradition, with no connection to religion or the Koran.

UK: Islamists pushing the burka, niqab, freedom sack… Bunglawussi applauds…

Defending the indefensible:

Its a stoopid thing to do, but the believers are eager to do it…


Fatima Burkatulla/Times

Fatima Burkatulla clears up “misconceptions” about the niqab.

1.The niqab is a symbol of female subjugation.

None of the niqab-wearing women who I know, wear it because they have been forced to. They see it as an act of devotion to their Creator: the culmination of a spiritual journey. In fact most of them are women who were born and brought up in the UK; many are White or Afro-Caribbean Muslim converts to Islam who have chosen to observe it. The hijab, niqab and abaya are outer garments and are worn only when outdoors or in the presence of men who are not close relatives and so, contrary to popular belief, underneath their robes, in family and female-only settings Muslim women are often very fashion conscious and outgoing. They dress in everyday clothing; they get their hair done, go on holiday and even buy lingerie!

2. Women who wear the niqab cannot possibly contribute to society

People are surprised to hear that niqab-wearers come from varied vocational backgrounds. They include doctors, teachers, dentists, authors, social workers, university graduates, lecturers and more. They usually prefer to work in a female environment and so would not wear the face-veil all the time. Other women say that wearing the niqab actually makes them feel more comfortable when they are working with men. It is ironic that the very women who are the subject of debate are far from being a burden on society: they don’t get drunk and disorderly, don’t smoke and are likely to be very good citizens. Many of them are full-time mothers who take pride in raising well-educated children who will be an asset to British society.

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Wearing the burqa is neither Islamic nor socially acceptable

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: To deny face-to-face interaction is to deny our shared humanity


I am a Shia Muslim and I abhor the burqa. I am offended by the unchallenged presumption that women covering their heads and bodies and now faces are more pious and true than am I.

Another Westernized Muslimah who speaks against the burka? We just featured  Mona Eltahawy from New York, so that makes a whopping two. Very well, since the witness of two women (kind of) equals that of one man, lets hear it from Yasmin:

Islam in all its diverse forms entitles believers to a personal relationship with Allah – it cuts out middlemen, one reason its appeal extended to so many across the world. You can seek advice from learned scholars and imams, but they cannot come between your faith and the light of God. Today control freaks who claim they have a special line to the Almighty have turned our world dark. Neo-conservative Islamic codes spread like swine flu, an infection few seem able to resist.

The disease is progressive. It started 20 years ago with the hijab, donned then as a defiant symbol of identity, now a conscript’s uniform. Then came the jilbab, the cloak, fought over in courts when schoolgirls were manipulated into claiming it as an essential Islamic garment. If so, hell awaits the female leaders of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Soon, children as young as four were kitted up in cloaks and headscarves (“so they get used to it, and then later wear the full thing,” said a teacher to me who works at a Muslim girls’ school) and now for the graduation gown, a full burqa, preferably with dark glasses.

White liberals frame this sinister development in terms of free choice and tolerance. Some write letters to this paper: What is the problem? It is all part of the rich diversity of our nation. They can rise to this challenge, show they are superhuman when it comes to liberty and forbearance.

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Burkhas cut women off from society and steal their identity



By Julia Hartley-Brewer/Daily Express     

110609_1            Burkhas cut women off from society and steal their identity

HATS OFF (or should that be chapeaux off?) to French President Nicolas Sarkozy for calling for a ban on the burkha in France.

The Muslim robe, which covers the head and body and reveals only the eyes, is, Sarkozy said, a sign of the “subservience” and “debasement” of women and is not welcome in his country because: “We cannot accept that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity.” 

No British politician would be brave enough to do what Sarkozy did or to follow through with what will almost certainly be a nation-wide ban on the burkha. 

Our  politicians are, unlike our European amis, too cowed by political correctness and misguided multiculturalism to speak out on such a difficult topic and risk offending the two-million-strong Muslim population. 

Except the burkha isn’t a Muslim issue. It’s a British issue. It doesn’t just demean the woman who wears it, it also demeans the men and women who have to see her wearing it. 

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Catholic school bars Muslim teacher who refused to remove the freedom sack so staff could identify her

The hijab debate: ‘I don’t want to be judged on my looks’ 

 * It is usually the “reverts” who behave  this way… confirmed  here: “I reject beauty fascism”- another one “”I was brought up a Catholic …” or this one: “I wasn’t always Muslim. But seeing the hijab on a visit to Egypt 10 years ago opened my eyes. I asked one woman why she wore it and she said: ‘I want to be judged for what I do, not what I look like’…. Good luck to you, ladies!

Two pupils removed their veil to attend a Catholic school open day, but their Muslim teacher refused the request  Two pupils removed their veil to attend a Catholic school open day, but their Muslim teacher refused the request     

By James Tozer/Mail Online

A Muslim teacher was barred from visiting a Catholic college after refusing to remove her full-face veil so staff could identify her.

Now the school may face a claim of religious discrimination after the woman left rather than agreeing to reveal her face.

The teacher, who works at an Islamic school, was attending an open day at the sixth form college along with two teenage pupils, all of them wearing veils which left only their eyes visible.

They were asked to remove them as it was against the college policy – but while the girls complied, their teacher refused.

The incident, which happened in Jack Straw’s Blackburn constituency, comes as the issue of the full-face veil is once again at the centre of debate, and could see the school plunged into a court battle.

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