Muslim butcher cuts baby daughter in half. Removes her vagina. Buries her. Dogs dig her up. BLAMES WHITEY.

* Nothing to do with Islam, of course. No pic’s available (we don’t think you would want to see them anyhow). With thanks to Mr Smith:

AUSTRALIA: A halal butcher who dissected his newborn daughter and buried her body in a neighbour’s yard to conceal an extramarital affair has had yet another appeal thrown out.

Brisbane man Raymond Akhtar Ali was jailed for life in 1999 over the gruesome murder of Chahleen Amy Blackwell just moments after her birth at Ali’s family home at Logan Valley, in the city’s south, on September 8, 1998. The child’s mother and the Ali family’s live-in babysitter, Amanda Blackwell, was also convicted of manslaughter.

The infant was bashed, stomped on and sliced in half by her father, a trained butcher who slaughtered goats for the muslim market, because he did not want his wife to find out about his infidelity. Her sexual organs were also removed and her body buried in a neighbouring property before it was eventually dug up by dogs.

Ali appealed his conviction to the High Court in March 2005, claiming the conduct of his defence lawyers had resulted in a miscarriage of justice, however the appeal was rejected. A second bid in Brisbane’s Supreme Court of Appeal this morning – this time for an extension of time to mount another legal challenge – was also swiftly thrown out.

While Ali denied any connection with the birth or death, DNA testing showed he was the baby’s father. Ali, who did not give or call evidence, constantly interrupted the sentencing hearing with claims that he had been framed. 

“I’ll prove it in a higher court. I’ve been judged on my colour and my religion.”She did it, but she’s a white woman,” he said referring to Blackwell.


* Note: although the story seems somewhat dated we put it up in any case since it was underreported at the time. The perp launched an appeal claiming “racism”- as if this horrific murder had anything to do with race.  The story from the Brisbane Times dates back to March 4, 2008

16 thoughts on “Muslim butcher cuts baby daughter in half. Removes her vagina. Buries her. Dogs dig her up. BLAMES WHITEY.”

  1. What, this atrocity occurred in 1998 and the perp hasn’t developed
    a “history of mental illness”? What’s wrong with him?

  2. I feel bad when muzzies kill adults, but when they kill babies it really hurts, it makes me want to cry and I become absolutetly enraged. It f_ucks with my head.

  3. Sorry Mullah, the link came from a new poster. I put it up because I thought the story was current. Either way, its a horrific crime, but by no means an ‘isolated incident’…

  4. We didn’t have the luxury of having people like Bolt, Blair, Sheikyamami, comments ,etc. back in 1999 to fully give this story the heated discussion it needs.

    I found another one. In Australia there is few 100% racist murders. But there was one in the Middle Eastern community. 3 Turks killed a Saudi because he was arab in Canberra back in 1999.

  5. Sheik, I wasn’t commenting on the age of the post, and I don’t recall
    the gory story anyway – just that a muslim with a “good” lawyer will
    develop a “history of mental illness” by this time.

    I guess ”She did it, but she’s a white woman” was his feeble attempt
    at distraction – muslims are never guilty – he should sue the QPP
    for breaching his “rights”.

  6. Mr Anderson, sorry if I gave the impression I was concerned with
    the age of the story. It was the first I had heard of it, & as you say,
    the blogs like this weren’t around, & I had only just got expensive
    casual dial-up internet then – we take fast permanent Internet &
    sites like this for granted, until the filtering is applied to muzzle us.

    The story was a good find, & thanks for sharing.

  7. I found this story by going onto and searching for “Brisbane Ali”.

    So the only time you will find an Ali doing something would probably be crime.

    “A Coburg man raped two teenage schoolgirls in 17 days late in 2001 and tried to rape a third while under the influence of the designer drug ice.”
    The County Court heard yesterday that Muhammad Kerbatieh, 33, became a heavy user of the methamphetamine when he moved to Melbourne after his release from a Queensland prison in 2000.

    This guy was a baby shaker muslim from Brisbane so authorities should have been profiling and monitoring when he moved if they could or they should put in processes to allow it.


    Another great link where ive dug up old muslim crimes is on here.

    Offence committed after 1.2.2003
    Sustained assault on male acquaintance – robbed him of mobile phone and wallet – no clear motive
    H – principal offender – disrupted childhood with early drug abuse
    A – lesser offender but still struck victim – early drug abuse

    This was the story of a muslim thug addicted to ice.

  9. I am Raymond Ali’s wife. I suggest strongly that you research this case thoroughly.
    There is an abundance of evidence that was with held by the crown.
    I will continue fighting to prove my husbands innocence.
    A journalist who is interested in reporting the truth needs to contact me.

  10. I bet the thing that pissed this guy off the most was the fact that DOGS exposed his dastardly deed for the khufir authorities to see.

    Muslim collared by dogs. What sweet irony.

  11. I have studied and investigated this offence since 2001 and interviewed many witnesses. There is no doubt that Raymond ALI is NOT guilty. What never gets mentioned is that the ‘mother’ was convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to a small incarceration. There was a huge amount of evidence that was not allowed into Raymond’s trial and also a lot which was deliberately hidden. His representation was the poorest you could imagine with over 100 errors. The only reason his appeal failed in the High Court was because ‘the court’ didn’t want to open the floodgates to any and all other prisoners to complain about their trial lawyers which is understandable but should have been accepted here. As for disposing of the body, anybody could see that there were at least 5 other options other than burying it in an obvious place where a dog could dig it up. The circumstances put forward to the court were unbelievable but he was black, muslim and a goat butcher and yes his behaviour in court was bad so that he had to be convicted. This really is a travesty of justice that hopefully one day will be rectified.

  12. * There is no doubt that Raymond ALI is NOT guilty.

    I assume there was a trial by jury, and the jury found him guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

  13. Hence best not to let them enter the dar al harb, where the court system decides on guilt or innocence, not allah.

  14. Yes obviously there was a trial by jury but when you have incompetent representation coupled with evidence which was deliberately left out by the Police eg Police taprecordings from inside the house which did not suit the Prosecution case so they were not produced to the court and that situation was not seized upon by your lawyer, then you are in big trouble. Not to mention that he did play up in court by abusing the co-accused and her barrister thus causing him to come across very badly to the jury. He could have taken a deal in the beginning to plead guilty to manslaughter but because he didn’t even commit that (as the female co-accused caused the death and was convicted of that – people don’t know that) so he pleaded not guilty to murder thinking in error that the truth would find him totally innocent – but it did not. There are many innocent people in jail through bad representation and the legal aid system. Here is some case law – In Fogarty v Dept of Corrective Service s [2002] QSC 207 Justice Dutney inter alia stated that ‘It would be unrealistic not to realize that occasionally miscarriages of justice occur. To classify a prisoner as an unacceptable risk to the community merely because of a refusal to admit guilt is to apply a policy without regard to the merits of the particular case.’
    Just think recently of Graham STAFFORD’s overturned murder conviction then add on Di FINGELTON and Pauline HANSON – it is a fact that not all people convicted are guilty and there are many many examples. A jury can only go on what they are told and hopefuly they are told everything and this jury was NOT told all the information. Raymond is NOT guilty and came very close to winning an appeal for a retrial in the High Court but that is never reported. There were over 100 errors in his trial with the trial judge shaking her head and the prosecution laughing at the damage being done to his defence case by him and his own side.

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