Muslim riots in Greece; native Brit's protest in Luton to preserve their culture…


Which people will be maligned and denigrated as racists? The ones burning cars and throwing slabs of rock at police, or the ones asking that they be allowed to maintain their own history and values in their own historical nation?

Greece: Muslim associations sue policeman for allegedly desecrating a Koran

“We demand” an apology. More on this story. “Greek Muslim associations sue policeman,” from, May 26; via JW

ATHENS, Greece — Muslim associations in Athens have filed a lawsuit against a policeman who allegedly desecrated a copy of the Koran last week, media reported on Monday (May 25th). Last Thursday, the policeman allegedly took a Koran from a customer during a police check at an Athens coffee shop, ripped it apart, threw it on the floor and stomped on it. Police say the officer did not know it was Islam’s holy book. 

The Pakistani community in Greece called on the government to assume responsibility for the incident and demanded an apology from authorities. The incident prompted two days of protests by hundreds of Muslims in central Athens. Violent clashes with police on Friday injured at least 14 people and damage several businesses; 46 people were arrested.

Questions need to be asked:

  1. Why is there a “Pakistani community”  in Greece?
  2. Since when is Islam’s “holy book”, the Koran, protected under Greek law?
  3. Who pays for the damage and injuries caused by the Muhammedan rioters? 
  4. Why  are these illegal squatters not rounded up and deported?

A comment from Hugh Fitzgerald:

This is the way to inhibit the police from acting as they must, a way to force them to treat Muslims with kid gloves. I hope there is police solidarity on this, and I hope, but do not expect, that even the leftist Greeks will come to their senses about this in time. I hope that Magdi Cristiano Allam’s new book — “Europa Cristiana Libera” — that has just appeared in Italian, will promptly be translated into Greek and all the other languages of the European Community. All of these books, by Allam, Fallaci, Ibn Warraq, Spencer, et al, and all of the most important articles, such as those by Hans Jansen, or the kind of things put up at, must be translated, and disseminated far and wide. 

There’s no time to waste. There have to be some people with money in this country, and in Europe, who understand that this matter is more important than anything else they might be thinking of supporting. If Islam takes over, what are museums, what is all that giving to symphonies, museums, universities really worth? Think of how much is funded that, if those conducting Jihad are successful, would be vitiated or destroyed. Priorities, common sense. Please, for god’s sake.

5 thoughts on “Muslim riots in Greece; native Brit's protest in Luton to preserve their culture…”

  1. The way I heard the demand for an apology on radio news was that
    the Greek President was required to apologise to all muslims – once
    more, hurting one’s feelings is hurting all their feelings., and all must
    get a fawning apology.

  2. * Cut-rate flying lessons, no need to worry about landings!

    And easy to get a job as baggage handlers, taxi drivers, security

  3. Directly approach the council and tell them that they loose their jobs if they push through another islamist den. This has gone far enough – time to put a stop to it!!! If the council and local government cannot understand the concerns of local residents then they will understand the danger of being permanently unemployed.

  4. muslims in Greece are “marginalised” – it’s a timebomb waiting to
    explode – anger and frustration – meagre wages & squalid homes –
    no mosque, no cemetery – [the Greeks] are making fools of muslims…

    Full grievance theatre at Straits Times / AFP (Allah’s Fawning Pawns)

    needs the http www thingies in front

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