Pakistan, Talibanistan…


Good news first:

Taliban jihadists shaving their beards and trying to flee

The great courageous mujahedin crumble at the first sign of resistance. “Taliban men shaving beards to flee: Army,” from the Times of India, May 16 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

KOTA: Taliban fighters are shaving off their beards and trying to flee from a Pakistani army offensive in their Swat bastion, the military said on Friday.Clashes had erupted in various parts of the region, the military said on Friday, adding it was achieving successes. It also appealed to civilians to identify Taliban fighters trying to flee.

“We have confirmed reports that these Taliban terrorists, after shaving off their beards and cutting their hair, are fleeing from the area,” the military said. “We request the people of Swat to identify them,” it said, while providing a telephone number for informants to call or send text messages….

Bad news next:

Al-Qaeda diversifying its alliances with Pakistani jihadist groups

“‘During recent fighting in Bajaur, senior Pakistani officers repeatedly insisted that the local villagers had been led astray by shadowy international militants,’ the correspondent said…”

Funny how these alleged misunderstanders of Islam keep finding each other and uniting under a shared set of goals. Despite the claims below that the conflicts inside Pakistan are “essentially local,” the common thread among these groups and acts of jihadist violence from London to Algeria to the Philippines is the imperative to subjugate the entire world under Islamic law. If they were into bumper stickers, they might read: “Think jihad globally, wage jihad locally.”

“Al Qaeda trying to establish links with jihadi groups,” from Dawn, May 13:

“Long live Taliban! Death to infidels!’” — the rhetoric Pakistani Christians must endure

Not to mention the actual violence. More on this situation. “Spiralling violence targets minorities,” from the Times of India, May 15:

US still worried about ISI links with Taliban

But Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are “secure,” sort of: “there are limits on what we know in terms of a lot of the specifics, but I’m comfortable that from what I know of what we actually know and also what they told us, right now they’re secure.”

“US still worried about ISI links with Taliban,” from the Times of India, May 14:

Grand strategy of top US military adviser to combat al-Qaeda: Stop invading Muslim lands

After all, al-Qaeda is “burn[ing] itself out” — even if reality says otherwise. Consistent thinking for this Western analyst who once said that, if he were Muslim he’d be a jihadi.

“David Kilcullen’s Iraq invasion lesson for the US: don’t do it again,” from the Times Online, May 12 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

Did Afghan troops help Taliban with attack on American soldiers?

Why not? What’s to prevent Afghan troops from sharing the same jihadist perspective as that held by the Taliban?

“U.S. Probes Whether Afghan Forces Colluded With Taliban in Deadly Attack,” by Wade Zirkle for FoxNews, May 15

Taliban pulling in $800 million from marble and gem business



Jawa Report: Thought the taliban only made money from the heroin trade? Times of India