Pat Condell: Children of a stupid god

There is a growing tendency to think of man as a rational thinking being, which is absurd. There is simply no evidence of any intelligence on the earth.

— Marvin the Martian

  • In his latest video the usually humorous British wordsmith makes the typical mistake of the diehard atheists and attacks all religions as evil and equally bad. But how many of us feel threatened by Christians or Jews?  Today, our civilization and culture is -once again- threatened by Islam and the invading Muselmanic armies, not by the aging Christians or the few Jews who still remain in EUrabia. 

Two thumbs down!

2 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Children of a stupid god”

  1. What a pity that the usually excellent Pat Condell can’t see the difference in effect between the “3 desert religions”. With some notable exceptions, the Judeo-Christian ethic has helped us aspire to greater things and produced amazing art, music, science and literature. On the other hand, Islam has brought us only barbarity and destruction.

    There is no moral equivalence between our belief systems and Islam, and casting them as all equally bad is a huge error.

    Incidentally, atheism is a belief system every bit as dogmatic as any other, and has led to some of the most terrible regimes in world history.

  2. Although I do not totally agree with Pat Condell in your face diatriways of presenting things about monotheism… I, however, totally agree with him about his take on Islam. And he has been very vocal and straighforward.

    No Christian media person or devout Christian regular has come forwards and present the things as Condell did against Islam in terms of its barbarity, political delusion, spychological self-righteousness and plain stupid tyranny…..I mean being vocal about it and free wheeling as Condell… And I always wondered why?? It is hard to see a man of the church being like Condell….. I think Condell speaks for all of us, yet when he starts to go after Christian theological dogma (not its politcal agenda, because it has none now) then something is wrong with Condell …

    It is true that some religions are worse than others, there is not denying of this fact…. I can think of only one that is beyond reproach…. and for which the other two have had a long history and unerasable track record of shame and hatred…. It just happens that Islam is now emerging as the real threat to western civilization as we know it….. that’s all….

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