‘Suicide bombings justified from Prophet’s days’

  • Damn it! And I thought suicide bombings are totally un-Islamic!

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LAHORE: The justification for suicide bombings comes from the days of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), according to Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for Mullah Omar. 

“They sacrificed some people, friends of Muhammad, for the sake of Islam. This is part of the jihad and part of the fighting. We will fight them and we will target them,” he told CNN.

Mujahid said the Afghan Taliban wanted the enforcement of sharia and Islamic government and to remove foreign forces from the country. “This is our country; we have to govern it,” he said.

He said the Taliban were against the coming Afghan elections, as they were going to be ‘selections’ from White House. “We want to disturb this election,” he said, reiterating that Afghan parliamentary members and government officials would be targeted. 

Talking about the Taliban in Pakistan, he said, “We do not want to interfere in the Pakistan Taliban affairs,” adding that there were ‘sympathies between the two sides’. Referring to a rocket attack on German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her visit to Kunduz, Mujahid insisted, “I will tell you we will win; we have the support of Muslim nations and this is what we believe.”

He denied that there had been any talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government in Saudi Arabia.

Describing the relationship between the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Mujahid said the two were separate. “They are global we are just in the region,” he said. He said the Taliban welcome some Al Qaeda fighters who came to Afghanistan, “but we don’t fight under their instruction”.

* Well, that makes it alright then. Lets go back to sleep…

Taliban: Suicide-attacks justified by Muhammad and Companions

Says Mullah Omar’s spokesman: “They sacrificed some people, friends of Muhammad, for the sake of Islam. This is part of the jihad and part of the fighting.” Indeed, many Muslim jurists have decreed that, based on the fact that the hadith and sira record any number of 7th century jihadis placing themselves in “suicidal” situations solely that Islam may triumph, that “suicide-operations” are in fact legitimate in Islam. When the first caliph was busy subjugating the Arabian Peninsula, for example, one fighter, in the battle of Yamama, though he knew he would most likely die, allowed himself to be catapulted into the city so he could open the gates for the rest of the jihadis — which he did, dying as expected. Based on such accounts, and the Muslim technique of qiyas — i.e., analogizing or finding precedent — modern day jurists are agreed that today’s suicide operations are legitimate, indeed, the height of praiseworthiness.

“Suicide bombings justified from Prophet’s days,’” from the Daily Times, May 7:

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  1. The book of their belief system is so ambiguous they can make it up as they go along!

  2. Hitler said killing of Jews is ok. Doesn’t mean Christians are all obliged to kill jews and gypsies. Please don’t make Mullah Omar the spokesperson for 1.2+ billion muslims across the world. Madeleine Albright said that killing innocent babies was worth the fight against Iraq, remember?

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