UK: Militant Islamic Rage Boyz Attack BNP Billboards

From the BNP, thanks to Davey

dudley-bnp-posterTwo British National Party election advertisement billboards in different parts of the country came under threat from mobs of Islamists this afternoon. One billboard was covered up after the mob intimidated the police by threatening to attack.

The first sign of trouble came in the West Midlands where an Islamist mob emerged from a local mosque after Friday prayers – where they had possibly been stirred up during the sermon – and threatened a BNP billboard advertising ‘British jobs for British workers,’ according to BNP press officer Simon Darby.

“The police were called in to protect the billboard, which they did, despite the mob taunting them, threatening Jihad and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and other such militant Islamist slogans,” Mr Darby said.


Hypocrisy:  Muslim Association of Britain goes apeshit over Israeli tourism ad

The radical Islamic front group calling itself the Muslim Association Of Britain has launched a campaign to have Israeli tourism advertisements removed from London subway stations. The hypocrisy is stunning, of course — because even though it’s a regular feature of Palestinian propaganda to publish maps of the state of Israel and label the whole region as “Palestine,” they’re complaining that the maps on these tourism posters don’t recognize their nonexistent country: Israeli Tourism Adverts Wipe Palestine From the Map – Take action now!

2 thoughts on “UK: Militant Islamic Rage Boyz Attack BNP Billboards”

  1. The Islamists are too dumb to realise that they have opened the box that contains the seeds of their own destruction. The lid was prized partially open when some evil old goat called Khomeini tried to tell people in the FREE west what they could and could not read. Then on and on until 9/11 when Islam thought that they could make us all cower in fear (They obviously thought that we would be as submissive as they are). Militant Islam is doing a fantastic job of bringing it’s own house down CHK CHK BOOM! you morons.

  2. The Muslims have learned an important rality; the more they protest, carry on, and rage, the more they get what they want.

    Why would they change their tactics?

    Poor old pathetic UK.

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