UK: Slow Jihad vs Fast Jihad

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AN ISLAMIC extremist who hurled abuse at Britain’s home-coming troops has been beaten up by fellow Muslims.

* Its not that his “moderate” fellow Muslims fundamentally disagree with him, they just don’t like the attention he causes. Why engage in open jihad warfare when you can do it by outbreeding the infidels?


Sayful Islam was set upon by moderates who say his controversial beliefs are making their lives hell.

Their mosque was firebombed after he led the now notorious protest against the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment’s homecoming parade in Luton in March.

Islam – former leader of the local branch of extreme Islamic group Al-Muhajiroun – told how he “felt elated’’ at the sight of terrorists steering two passenger jets into the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11.

But moderate Muslims claim the 29-year-old’s doctrine of hatred has led to them being shunned and want him driven out of town.

Since the Islamic Education Centre was burned down they have been left with nowhere to pray. (Imagine that! Poor widdle Muslims! Quick, give ’em another million or another building, or how about giving them a church?/ed)


Cheltenham Mosque: bigger and dysentary greener than the building approval


In typical fashion, the supremacist Muslims of Cheltenham flaunted the infidel building regulations and made the mosque bigger, greener and more offensive than permitted.

“A planning enforcement officer has written to the Imam at the mosque, suggesting a discussion to resolve these issues.”

Good luck with that. The Muslims won’t even bother to spit on him and his letter… More>>


One eyewitness said: “It was a falling-out between people who used to be friends.

“The group did not like the fact his actions have caused them problems. They are now being treated as outsiders and extremists.

“Their place of worship has been firebombed. Luton has become a difficult place to be a Muslim thanks to Sayful.”

He added: “These people are not extremists and do not share his beliefs. They believe they are suffering unnecessarily because of his actions.

“Punches were thrown and Sayful legged it. He will be looking over his shoulder from now on.’’

One Muslim posted on an Islamic website: “He got bust up. Wherever they go they’d best watch out.’’

One former worshipper at the bombed mosque said: “There has been some trouble. He was not badly hurt but he has not been seen since.

“Feelings are running high. The majority of people who attended the centre are not extreme in any way. They are peace-loving members of the community.”

Islam was unavailable for comment last night.

6 thoughts on “UK: Slow Jihad vs Fast Jihad”

  1. No problem, as we’re all equal make them do what happens to any ENGLISHMAN who ignores planning permission. Tear it down!

  2. Reminds me of a true story experience by myself. I was flying to Indonesia from UK at my own expense so going the cheapest way and that was Gulf Air which State hopped up the Gulf to Abu Dahbi than direct to Jakarta. First stop many from London got off and passengers joined but one lot very very late. When they got on it seems because they had checked in so late the men could not get seats alongside their women. They would not sit in their allocated seats and totally ignored as if they did not exist the Stewardesses who tried to help and would only speak to the Stewards. Eventually it all settled down and very late we took off for the next stop. There after more passengers disembarked the trouble making morons who got on at the previous stop all swapped seats to sit together then of course they were occupying joining passengers seats. When these passengers asked them to move they were ignored as were the stewardesses again and only after many arguments during one of which were they tried to get me to move for them and were told ‘get fucked’ did we finally take off extremely late and only just making our connection. Of course these trouble makers were Arabs and their women black Burka clad nonentities just possessions. Next time I fly over the Gulf it will be as Bomb Aimer.

  3. I can imagine it now

    “Shhh…. brother Ibrahim, the infidel might realise what we’re up to….”


    *brother Ibrahim recieves a bit of a right hook, from his more crafty, deceiful “moderate” brothers*

  4. Actually, a lot of muslims are really quite pissed at the Islamists. I have not bothered to make the distinction, but if the moderate muslims really exist, and if they are willing to help us get rid if the Islamists (I assume here that the moderate muslims do not believe that the Quran should be literally interpreted – this is my definition – others will differ!! ) then they get my support and help.
    The islamists, on the other hand, can leave or die – which I do not care.

  5. ^ Kaw – don’t fall for that old chestnut between “moderate” muslims and Islamists – there is only one islam, and although the actions of individual muslims may appear different, whether it is something as large as blowing up hundreds of people, or as small as lying apologetically about the more violent aspects of islam in order to fool unbelievers, their goals is still ultimately the same.

    To make the entire world islamic! The tortoise and the hare comes to mind, the explosive actions of the few violent jihadists allows the stealth jihad of the masses to occur, and all of a sudden we’re there scratching our heads wondering why we’re all under sharia law, when bombs no longer are going off.

    It’s all about the smoke and mirrors with islam!

  6. I agree Davey , no such thing as moderate muslims. They are all part of the same family. What one does , tarnishes the rest. Some endlessly try to split hairs over these things but they never sound convincing.
    I can accept that Wahabbism is the real evil but it still evolved from the islam all the others are practising.

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