We got mail… from Zubair!

  • Looks like Zubair doesn’t like Sheik Yer’mami very much:

mailbox-smoking21Zubair May 5, 2009 at 9:59 pm 

Hay you son of a Bitch. you coward if you are really son of one father then face the muslim people directly. this all your crab shows your mother slept with how many men to bring you to this world. yes we muslim wants to marry four women because we can satisfy them not like your fathers who fail to satisfy you mother.
mail me personally if you have courage.


  • Well, I can’t be bothered, Zubair.  Because we get hate-mail every day. Yours is  just a reminder and an encouragement that Islamic jihad is real and needs to be defeated and destroyed…

Zubair has friends: update!

Submitted on 2009/05/06 at 2:04am

someone said theres a limit of wisdom but they can neva be a limit of stupidity, motherfuker if u got balls say something direct u pieace of jealoused shit. n look at all those ppl writing comments without a name are right pussies as well tut feel sorry for u dumb fuks.
agree with brothers ricky, a muslim and zubair.

Here’s a slightly older one, and there’s plenty  more just to give you an idea of what we’re dealing with:

Submitted on 2009/04/27 at 5:04pm

use are racist cunts trying to turn anything you can on muslims and shit fukk all use fukn religion racist pieces of shits fukn fagss fukk the media and fukk da masonics fukk the fukin israeli dogs and fuk u 2 all ya muva fukaz fuk u die slow muva fukaz…
Fuk da goverment fuk bush killing the iraqis …pftt america says iraq needs help they killd sadam y r dey still in der for..fukn pigss n fuk da israelis tryna take da gazza strip you fukn migrated from russia u fukd up dogs u took most ov der land y would u wont more u greedy fuks

7 thoughts on “We got mail… from Zubair!”

  1. Ha ha…. what if you have no sisters Zubair, who ya gonna marry then?

  2. IP Info (
    IP Address (click for more detail):

    Swordi Arabia, eh Zubair?

    Enjoy it, before God destroys it. (better still – run for your life)

  3. They’re always so beautifully eloquent, with such logical arguments don’t ya think?

    For example:

    “You’re a racist cunt, fuck fuck, cunt, racist, racist………froth, froth”


  4. It’s nice to get well-argued replies such as these – and such carefully considered use of grammar and punctuation.

    Makes you really respect Muslims and their point of view.

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