When the free world joined the jihad: "The Hoax that Started a War.”

It is a pity that in Obama’s endless global partying and surrender tour – that in all his groveling to America’s enemies he couldn’t find one word for the persecuted Christians in Serbia. But Obama only apologizes for the good that we do… a useful idiot for jihad. Or simply the Manchurian candidate we have always suspected he is….


Islam is the only religion with a functioning propaganda machine. Besides whitewashing history for present-day political purposes, Islamic spokesmen have carried out two extraordinarily successful propaganda offenses aimed at demonizing two of the foremost modern-day victims of jihad: the Israelis and the Serbs. The idea that Israel committed genocide in Gaza and the idea that Serbia committed genocide against Muslims in the Balkans are two manifestations of the same disinformation campaign. And while some people are waking up to the Palestinian propaganda offensive, many of them are still engulfed by the fog when it comes to the Serbs. But here Julia Gorin pierces through that fog.

“The Hoax that Continues a War,” by Julia Gorin at Republican Riot, May 17 (thanks toPamela):

We are still in the midst of the 10-year anniversary of our NATO attack on Serbia on behalf of bin Laden-trained/financed KLA terrorists, to help steal Serbian land because Albanians reached a majority in part of that country. The 1999 bombing lasted from March 24 to June 10, a symbolic and historic day for Albanian supremacism.

If Americans deign to recall, the “trigger” event that was used to touch off the NATO assault (which was already being planned for a year at that point), was something called “the Racak Massacre.” Following is my account — written for a compilation of essays titled “Kosovo: The Score” — of the American-staged atrocity that led the free world to join the jihad:

On January 15th, the tenth anniversary of “the Racak massacre” — disproved as such even in mainstream media such as the Toronto Sun — Kosovo “prime minister” Hashim Thaci and “president” Fatmir Sejdiu awarded the “Gold Medal of Humanity” to William Walker, head of the Kosovo Verifying Mission that ensured a NATO intervention on behalf of Walker’s KLA friends and masters in 1999. (The ceremony, “dedicated to the martyrs of the Racak massacre,” was reported by the KosovaLive news agency: “Kosovo leaders vow at Racak massacre memorial never to forget Serbian crimes.”) There couldn’t have been a better comedy roast for the year 2009, the tenth anniversary of NATO’s war against Yugoslavia — launched by a staged atrocity in the town of Racak.

This comes nine years after Thaci himself admitted the Racak ploy the very year following its success. Canadian Major General Lewis MacKenzie, former UN Protection Force commander in Bosnia, cited the admission in an April 2008 statement to the Lord Byron Foundation:

The current Prime Minister Hashim Thaci was the leader of the KLA. He has admitted that the KLA orchestrated the infamous Racak “massacre” dressing their KLA dead in civilian clothes, machine gunning them and dumping them in a ditch and claiming it was a Serbian slaughter of civilians. NATO bought into the ruse and on its 50th birthday looking for a role in the post cold war world the alliance became the KLA’s air force and bombed a sovereign nation from the safety of 10,000 ft.

… More recently, a biography came out last October about the Finnish forensic dentist Helena Ranta, revealing that her report on the massacre was coerced…

Indeed, at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic, Professor Slavisa Dobricanin — former director of the Institute for Forensic Medicine in Pristina, who was in charge of the forensics team that autopsied the Racak bodies — revealed that the British general in charge of planning the verification mission, John Drewienkiewicz, threatened “to ship Judge Marinkovic off to The Hague if she tried to conduct an onsite investigation in Racak,” trial observer Andy Wilcoxson reported on April 13, 2005, adding:

It is worth noting that William Walker, the head of the OSCE-KVM, was given access to the village by the KLA while forensic investigators were kept out. Walker, instead of taking steps to secure the alleged crime scene, brought journalists to that gully and let them trample all over the place. One of the journalists was Franz Josef Hutsch, a German newspaper reporter.

According Mr. Hutsch, who testified at the trial on October 12, 2004, Walker just stood there while journalists moved the bodies around to take their pictures. He said that the bodies “were put upright, for example, at the edge of the slope so that they would have a bit of shade so that the excessive head wounds wouldn’t be seen in a photo to be published. And they were taken from their original positions.”

…Five days before beginning airstrikes, Bill Clinton thundered, “We should remember what happened in Racak…innocent men, women and children were taken from their homes to a gully, forced to kneel in the dirt and sprayed with gunfire.” The London Times, Peter Worthington wrote in his Toronto Sun article, was even more imaginative, printing “that victims had their eyes gouged out, heads smashed in, faces blown away at close range, all ‘farmers, workers, villagers, aged 12-74, men, women, children.’”

The New York Times, meanwhile, reports the website Srpska Mreza — which had been following the Kosovo war propaganda — caught something interesting:

On Friday, the day before American ambassador William Walker sensationally “discovered” the so-called massacre in the village of Racak in Kosmet, State Secretary Madeleine Albright held a meeting behind closed doors in Washington, at which she revealed to a few members of the team close to her that the agreement on normalization of relations in Kosmet was due to fall apart at any moment, The New York Times wrote on January 19.

The New York paper cites the statement of an anonymous official in the American administration who pointed out that Albright, obviously, had reliable information regarding events in Racak and practically announced them.

[The] text in The New York Times clearly shows that Washington knew in advance of the whole scenario….

As soon as Walker delivered his lines, Albright picked up her cue, calling Racak “the ‘galvanizing incident’ that meant peace talks at Rambouillet were pointless, ‘humanitarian bombing’ the only recourse,” wrote Worthington, whose article was titled “The Hoax that Started a War.”

Shedding light on what led up to the Racak hoax is Balkans analyst and writer Nebojsa Malic, who recalled that then U.S. Special representative Ambassador Richard Holbrooke had Milosevic sign an agreement in October, 1998 to withdraw Yugoslav army and police from Kosovo, in exchange for not getting bombed:

The KLA were not a party to the agreement and had no obligations under it. (Maybe Slobo, ever the sap, thought there was an implied obligation to restrain our clients. Fat chance!) The KLA responded to the withdrawal of the Yugoslav forces with an offensive that seized control of about half of Kosovo, forcing tens of thousands of Serbs to flee. Eventually, around December, Milosevic decided he had to send forces back in. The US responded with the usual threats and heavy breathing that he was going to be held accountable. Not sure when, but the OSCE observer mission with the orange vehicles was sent in to monitor Yugoslav behavior (not KLA behavior, of course) and watch out for any atrocities. (Wink wink, nudge nudge, let’s have a trigger.) Racak duly occurred.

Indeed, between October 13, 1998 and January 14, 1999, continued the above-mentioned Srpska Mreza report from 1999:

Albanian separatists carried out a total of 599 terrorist attacks and provocations, of which 186 were against civilians, while 413 were against members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic of Serbia. In these attacks, a total of 53 persons were killed (37 civilians and 16 policemen) and 36 persons suffered serious bodily injury (13 civilians and 23 policemen). A total of 43 persons were kidnapped (39 civilians and 4 policemen); of those, three were killed (one civilian and two policemen), while the fate of the other 22 civilians and one policeman remains unknown.

About the attacks on police that triggered the Serbian counteroffensive in Racak, the Greek daily Exusia fairly observed in a January 19 article titled “Serb killed by ‘unarmed’ Albanians”:

Regardless of the fact that the Albanian side is responsible for the latest fighting, warnings continue to be directed only to Belgrade, along with the threat that NATO forces will be activated for military intervention.

The very day that the Western monitors were helping stage and corroborate a “civilian massacre” for the KLA, the KLA couldn’t resist shooting at them:

Peace Monitors ‘Shot Deliberately’ (BBC, January 16, 1999)

The head of the international monitoring mission in Kosovo says he believes that two monitors, shot and wounded on Friday, were deliberately targeted…The two men — a Briton and his locally-recruited interpreter — were in a convoy with Serbian police when they were hit. They were not seriously injured. /span>

…The incident happened as the group were on their way to mediate in a confrontation between ethnic Albanian rebels and Serb forces in the western region of Pec. Mr Walker said: “What I’ve heard so far about the firing, it was not just one shot or two shots, it was sustained firing. That would lead me to believe that it was a deliberate shooting.”

He pointed out that the monitors drove distinctive vehicles and that everyone in the area had been informed that they were going out on patrol…A spokesman for the international monitoring mission said the shots appeared to come from a sniper in territory held by the ethnic-Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army…UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said he was shocked and concerned about the shooting of two members of the KVM.

None of this, however, threw Western leaders off-program, as BBC reported the next day:

Nato is to hold an emergency session on Sunday to consider its response to the massacre of more than 40 ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. An American state department spokesman said there should be no doubt of Nato’s resolve.

The Nato Secretary-General, Javier Solana, said it would not tolerate a return to all-out fighting and repression in Kosovo.

President Clinton and the head of the international observer mission in Kosovo both blamed Serbian forces for the killings…Those killed in the village of Racak, south of Pristina, were mostly men who had been rounded up and shot at close range. Some had been mutilated.

International monitors say they have also seen the bodies of three women and a 12-year-old boy.

The massacre has prompted the International War Crimes Tribunal on the former Yugoslavia to open an urgent inquiry…Local villagers say the slaughter of the victims, mostly men aged between 18 and 65, was carried out by Serb forces who rounded the group up on Friday night…The Kosovar Albanian political leader, Ibrahim Rugova, has declared Sunday a day of mourning in Kosovo.

Germany, which currently holds the presidency of the European Union, said the international community would not accept such acts of persecution and murder.

In Paris, the French Foreign Ministry expressed disgust at the massacre and called for a meeting of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to investigate who was responsible.

UK Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, said: “Those responsible for the crimes must be held to account before international justice.”…The US special envoy, Richard Holbrooke, condemned the killings, saying they were the most serious offence since the outbreak of the violence which has plagued the province in recent months.

So notorious is the architect of the Racak incident, William Walker, that his name is known even to non-watchers of the Balkans, as a 1999 piece titled “Meet Mr. Massacre” by Mark Ames and Matt Taibbi, currently of Rolling Stone magazine, shows:

…After a brief review of the town’s 40-odd bullet-ridden corpses, Walker searched out the nearest television camera and essentially fired the starting gun for the war. “From what I saw, I do not hesitate to describe the crime as a massacre, a crime against humanity,” he said. “Nor do I hesitate to accuse the government security forces of responsibility.”

We all know how Washington responded to Walker’s verdict; it quickly set its military machine in motion, and started sending out menacing invitations to its NATO friends to join the upcoming war party.

How Russia responded is less well-known…It probably sent a chill up the community’s collective spine, and pushed its generals into rapid preparations for a new cold war with the United States. As connoisseurs in the art of propaganda and the use of provacateurs [sic], they recognized a good job when they saw one.

…Walker was in Latin America virtually throughout his entire career, until he arrived in Kosovo. He had no experience in the region which qualified him to head the verification team in Yugoslavia….There is a widespread belief not only in Russia, but in other countries, that Walker’s role in Racak was to assist the KLA in fabricating a Serb massacre that could be used as an excuse for military action. Already, two major mainstream French newspapers — Le Monde and Le Figaro — as well as French national television have run exposes on the Racak incident. These stories cited a number of inconsistencies in Walker’s version of events, including an absence of shell casings and blood in the trench where the bodies were found, and the absence of eyewitnesses despite the presence of journalists and observers in the town during the KLA-Serb fighting.

Eventually, even the Los Angeles Times joined in, running a story entitled “Racak Massacre Questions: Were Atrocities Faked?

…given that 1990s Serbian crimes against Albanians, real or imagined, are the basis of the consensus that states Serbia lost all right to Kosovo, why haven’t the Albanians who have been terrorizing the province’s non-Albanians for the past 10 years (not to mention in preceding decades) lost any right to Kosovo? Perhaps for the same reason that Slobodan Milosevic remains “guilty” despite not having ordered a single crime while Kosovo’s leaders are “innocent” despite having committed crimes with their own hands, in addition to ordering them directly.

Meanwhile, the decaying Walker marches on. Shortly after meeting with Walker last June, “opposition leader” Ramush Haradinaj told the UN to get out of Kosovo to make way for the EULEX law and order mission. Walker of course seconded his dangerous clients’ motion, telling UNMIK to end the mission once Kosovo’s constitution comes into effect.

For his dutifulness William Walker has been rewarded with, among other things, honorary Albanian citizenship. And like Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, Eliot Engel, George W. Bush, and Wesley Clark, Walker has a street named after him in Kosovo — like so many other KLA members to whom monuments have gone up all over Kosovo.

When he’s not lying in newspapers about his last hoax, Walker is preparing the next one. He has been making frequent trips to Kosovo, where he has met with his old KLA contacts to make a plan for taking Kosovo’s more ornery Serb parts by force. Walker’s return to the region in March 2007 alarmed French intelligence, the newspaper Novosti reported at the time, in an item titled “William Walker Gives Tasks to Albanian Extremists for an Attack on Northern Kosovo”:

The information of French intelligence officers is that [two weeks ago] Walker met with many former KLA members that he had personally trained for special operations against the Serbian forces. The goal of his arrival is the preparation of a scenario and ordering of guidelines to Albanian terrorists for taking measures to seize northern Kosovo…In Pec in the hotel “Metohija” he met with ex-members of [Ramush] Haradinaj’s special unit which in 1999 conducted the [harshest] crimes against the Serbs and other non-Albanians…He also met with all of his old spies which he recruited during his Kosovo stay as leader of the UN Verification mission prior to the NATO bombardment.

…According to what the intelligence services of the big powers had informed their governments, Walker was on a mission of preparing terrorists and extremists for performing the final phase in the realization of the project on an independent Kosovo in case plans are not resolved “peacefully.”

…The Americans are afraid that the French will give out such plans to the Serbs in northern Kosovo…Certain KFOR contingents that have forces in northern Kosovo received the task of systematically provoking the Serbs everywhere and causing their reactions…Certain KFOR contingents openly fear a sudden operation of Albanian terrorists towards the north, which is possible in the coming months…The plan is to provoke the Serbian security forces to react in the protection of Serb convoys and to then urgently request the intervention of international forces in the protection of the “jeopardized Albanian population in the Presevo Valley from Serbian security forces that are revenging over the loss of Kosovo.”

No sooner did Walker have his meetings than Tanjug reported the following:

International representatives have observed, over the recent days, intensified regrouping of armed groups in black uniforms with insignia of the former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in the territory of Drenica, Pec and Djakovica in Kosovo and Metohija province, the Belgrade daily Vecernje novosti [Evening News] said on Saturday…Forces of the local United Nations (UN) administration UNMIK and the peacekeeping force KFOR have been given strict orders “not to engage in conflict or discussion with the armed groups, and, upon sighting them, to abandon their mission and immediately return to base,” Vecernje novosti [“Evening News”] said.

In March 2008, that plan was put into effect when UN and NATO arrested and paraded the mostly female Serbian squatters who wanted their jobs back at the Mitrovica courthouse — in front of cameras and through an Albanian neighborhood. More recently, Albanian houses in Northern Kosovo were set ablaze, with news reports promptly attributing the explosions to Serbs. Since the Albanians haven’t yet secured Northern Mitrovica as part of breakaway Kosovo, the completion of the Walker-KLA directive is still ahead for the Kosovo war, now in its tenth year.