WTF is wrong with blowing Somali pirates out of the water?


* Why does this story remind me of Melanie Griffith’s in “Bonfire of theVanities” when she grabs Tom Hanks by the balls and tells him “You know I’m a sucker for a soft dick..?”

TERRIFIED British tourists cowered in their cabins when their cruise liner came under fire from gun-wielding Somali pirates.

Guards on board returned fire but the pirates were only repelled when a group of holidaymakers threw tables and chairs as the men climbed ropes up to the deck. The intruders were made to retreat to their own boats.

Passengers were forced to take refuge under their bunks as the gang used two boats to try to hijack the ship Melody on its voyage 180-miles north of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

Most of the media discussion about piracy in the Gulf of Aden has drifted understandably towards the sensational part of the story: how are the pirates able to roam the ocean? Is paying them ransom a better option than engaging them militarily? Last but not least, will a military intervention against the pirates worsen the situation; will it lead to a massive escalation in Somalia and a Vietnam-like quagmire for many years to come?

Among the 1,000 passengers left traumatised by the experience were Maureen and Roy Gawthrop, of Barnsley.

Maureen, 66, said: “We were enjoying a classical concerto on the pool deck when everyone heard a cracking sound. The applause for the musicians died down suddenly and someone came running in from the open deck and shouted ‘Pirates!’.

“Crew members acted quickly to evacuate passengers into their cabins and told them to lock their doors.

“We went to our cabin and we could hear bullets whizzing and clanging as they hit the ship. I looked out of our window. I saw a white speed boat riding alongside on the wake of the ship about 15 yards away.

“There were eight men dressed in green camouflage who turned and fired at us.

“Roy pulled me away from the window in case we got hit. We couldn’t believe it was happening, it was unreal.”

Roy, 66, added: “We later learned what we witnessed was the aftermath of the incident. The pirates had tried to get on board the ship with rope ladders and failed. Israeli security guards travelling on the ship had killed two of them.”

8 thoughts on “WTF is wrong with blowing Somali pirates out of the water?”

  1. I can only say my dick would have gone soft in such a situation .
    Well done , Israelis !

  2. Many thanks to guys who fought these miserable islamic thugs. 2/8 is 25% – lets make sure it is 100% next time.

  3. The crew and passengers of all ships going through these waters should be allowed to carry arms – small and large, and then they should blow these ignorant camel-drivers out of the water. End of story.

  4. “These waters” means hundreds of miles out in international waters. The Islamo-fascists would have you believe that they’re extracting some kind of ‘tax’ and they are acting as a kind of ‘coast guard’ enforcing some imaginary laws because evil Western imperialist infidels have ‘stolen their fish’- and because of that they have to resort to piracy.

    Nothing could be further from the truth: this is Barbary pirates all over again. The necessary action is to go in and blow them out of the waters, firebomb their villages and make sure they don’t have a single vessel left to go out and attack. And if they starve to death: they asked for it. Let ’em have it!

  5. These attacks take place well outside of recognized country borders in international waters, The pirate are international criminals. What good islamist isn’t these days? A good example to a working solution is an observation that the rate of pirate attacks in the region of Singapore and the straights of Malacca reduced to zero after Indonesia was flooded after the tsunami. Draw your own conclusions.

  6. I agree Sheik. A few counter ‘man made disasters’ with an emphasis on a destabilizing (cutting their nuts out) approach to Islam sounds really good. At the least we can awake one morning to the news that a few more goat fu2#ing towel headed Muhammadans ran into a bit of bother the previous night.

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