Yusuf rubs it: "serious development" fizzles…

  • Update: Conversion of Afghans to Christianity not imminent, go back to sleep, Yusuf!

Afghanistan: U.S. Military burns Bibles for fear they’d be used to convert Muslims

(CNN) — Military personnel threw away, and ultimately burned, confiscated Bibles that were printed in the two most common Afghan languages amid concern they would be used to try to convert Afghans, a Defense Department spokesman said Tuesday. More>>

Today’s kuthba:

“He was delighted as it stiffened
And ripped right through his sock”- from  Frank Zappas Father O’bliviion


Islamo agit prop Yusuf Irfan did his own little Abu Laban jihad, when he tried to follow the playbook of the deceased  instigator  of ‘cartoon Rage’,  who was so successful in stirring up kuffar-hatred a few years ago.

Yusuf tried to whip up a bit of fake outrage over US-troops,  accused  by Al Jizz  of evangelizing and handing out Bibles in Afghanistan. What could be a worse crime?

Somehow the ummah, which always spins like Iranian centrifuges, just didn’t take notice. Or could it be that they’re just getting tired of their own fanatical frenzy which, according to Winston Churchill, is more dangerous than ‘hydrophobia in a dog?’

 The malevolent Abu Laban  kicked the bucket since,  but the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy made history, when the soldiers of Allah went on  worldwide rampages that saw burning embassies and over hundred people killed in the process  (Muslims usually kill each other, when there are no infidels to murder and terrorize…)

All in all a classic case of incitement. As a lawyer Yusuf should know which laws apply for subversion and inciting violence . If the Fed’s are not onto him yet, concerned readers should bring it to their attention.

 Irfan should at least be on a watch list. His incitement could have worked. The stirring could have resulted in hundreds, if not thousands of Yusuf’s co-religionists running amok, smashing stuff and killing people. 

Whatever you do, have a nice day. And no matter how you do it, don’t forget to flush!


7 thoughts on “Yusuf rubs it: "serious development" fizzles…”

  1. The phone number for the National Security Hotline is 1800 123 400. I presume your readers find reading numbers somewhat less challenging than reading words.

    Also, are you and your nutbag biddies coming down to the Sydney Writers’ Festival to cheer your hero Tim Blair in the bloggers -v- journalists panel?

  2. Woops, that should have read “buddies”, not “biddies”. Then again, I wonder if you could have told the difference.

  3. Thanks Yusuf, you never fail to embarass yourself in your exitement. I would have corrected it for you if you had asked me nicely.

    As for the writers festival I’m afraid I must pass since you didn’t invite me personally in good time. We would have had a great time singing ‘kumbaya’ together.

    I happen to be on another EUrabia trip and will not be back until mid-June. Perhaps I’ll see you at another Christian photo opportunity when you’re washing the feet of the homeless.

  4. I have met several Catholic Afghans. on one occasion a young man said “I come to Mass every Sunday to say I am NOT a muslim.”…..at the time of the Pope’s visit to Sydney , several young Catholic Afghans attended.
    How brave these people are.

  5. Not sure Sheik ,
    just had a casual conversation with the young man at a church I used to go to..he was strikingly handsome and had a real presence about him boldly stating that he wasn’t a muslim…he would pray a lot for his relations back in Afghanistan.
    I think I saw the young Afghans in Sydney on a TV programme..Catholics in Sydney must have hosted them. I probably remembered because it seemed surprising.

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