Australia: Religion of Peace Attacks Hindu Students, KRudd calls it “a regrettable part of urban life”

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Muslims attack Hindus in…Australia

Update: Al BeBeeCeera doesn’t dare to whisper the  word Islam or Muslims, its all about “racism”-, which perfidiously implies  that white Australians are mean racists who bash poor Indian or Chinese students…


  “Live with it”, sez chairman KRudd…

Mullah nails it: “a regrettable part of urban life”– What, not a celebration of multicultural diversity?

And of course the attacks are being ascribed to racism, which most likely has nothing whatsoever to do with them. Jihad? You mean that Interior Spiritual Struggle? What could that have to do with this?

“Australian PM urges calm after ‘racial’ attacks,” from CNN, June 10 (thanks to JW, Andrew Bolt, Tim Blair etc):

(CNN) — Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called for calm Wednesday, assuring the Indian community that his country was still one of the safest study destinations in the world despite a series of attacks on Indian students in Sydney and Melbourne.Australia insists the attacks are not racial, but rather “a regrettable part of urban life,” as Rudd put it in a radio interview on Wednesday.

Authorities say the Indian students are victims of opportunistic criminal gangs.

“Quite often, they are catching trains home from work late in the evening as many do not have access to cars,” said Simon Overland, chief commissioner for the Victoria state police. “They are often traveling alone and this is leaving them vulnerable to crime.”

The Indian community, however, alleges gangs are specifically targeting Indians. Activists say there have been about 1,500 attacks a year for the last three years — but lately, they have picked up.

“Initially, it used to be beating. Now people are being stabbed,” said Gautam Gupta, founder of the Melbourne-based Federation of Indian Students in Australia. “The innovation in crime is very disturbing.”

More than 80,000 Indians study in Australia, and the attacks have sparked a diplomatic dustup between the two countries

“I have been appalled by the senseless violence and crime. Some of it is racially motivated against our students in Australia,” said Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a speech to the parliament.

Saying that they are tired of waiting for the Australian government to take action, Indian students — armed with bats — patrolled subway stations in the worst-affected suburbs Monday and Tuesday night.

Monday night, flag-waving Indians attacked a carload of Lebanese men in retaliation for the alleged assault of two Indian men by a group of ethic Lebanese earlier in the day….

Ameer Ali wants more money to slow the fast jihad and “man made disasters:”

 The KRudd government should urgently boost funding for high-quality Islamic studies courses, moderate Muslim community groups, and police liaison teams to counter home-grown extremism, a leading Australian Islamic expert says. The Australian has more>>

If they were white, this would be a Cronulla

Andrew Bolt – Wednesday, June 10, 09 

If these Indian students were Anglos, they’d be monstered for staging another Cronulla. As it is, they tend to be portrayed instead as yet more victims of Australian racism for protesting against what the Cronulla rioters were protesting against, too:

Tensions mounted between Lebanese and Indians in Harris Park as stories circulated that the man who had appeared had been taken by four men to Fairfield before he escaped.

The issue of race had been simmering all night but as police put the man – red-eyed and distraught – in a police car he said he could not determine the ethnicity of his alleged attackers…..

Late in the evening a group broke away and clashed with a group of Lebanese men who then fled in a white car that hit at least one of the protesters in its path….Plans were made among the mob to travel to Granville to confront Lebanese youths, but they could not rally enough support.

Incidentally, it’s interesting, important and moral for the Sydney Morning Herald to drop its usual reticence in describing the ethnicity of offenders – a reticence still felt by the ABC and The Age, which is one reason this issue has been so poorly understood and so recklessly and falsely presented as yet more proof of Australian racism.


Paul Sheehan:

But the distorted story of white racism has been helped along by the prevailing sensibilities of reporting of crime in Australia, with skittishness about detailing the gritty reality that most violent street crime in Sydney and Melbourne is not committed by whites. The prison populations confirm this.

The attacks on Indians have followed this pattern, with the crimes committed by a polyglot mix reflecting the streets – white, Asian, Middle Eastern, Aboriginal, Pacific Islander.

The latest attack on an Indian, in Harris Park on Monday night, allegedly involved assailants of the proverbial “Middle Eastern appearance”… In Melbourne, an assault on an Indian student on a train was recorded on video and footage depicting the attack was posted on YouTube… Most of (the attackers) do not appear to be white.

A recent assault on an Indian student in Glebe was committed by a young offender described as Aboriginal. Another recent assault on an Indian student, by a knife-wielding assailant in Port Melbourne, involved three attackers identified as Caucasian.


Only when some of the victims scream “racism” do commuters get the protection they all deserve – white, black or brown:

Mounted police, dog squads and helicopter patrols will be used to crack down on crime at trouble-spot train stations after a spate of violent attacks against Indian students over the past month.

How bizarre. There is a policing decision driven by a fear of seeming racist, not by a fear of violence.


Apologies – the ABC this morning does name names in a news report. But certainly not on AM, where thought crimes are more rigorously policed.


Another analogy with Cronulla – this time the lack of police action for so long to deal with alleged Middle Eastern offenders. And once again we see it’s only the cry of “racism” that brings action: 

Gordon Moyes, a member of the NSW upper house, said he understood Indian students’ rage at being “picked on”, but believed the problem of street crime in Harris Park had gone unaddressed for years…

Mr Moyes, a Christian Democrats MP, said he first became aware of violent street crime in Harris Park a number of years ago when, as head of Wesley Mission, he found his workers were repeatedly robbed while helping people in the area.

“I found that over a period of time many elderly Anglo-Saxon women were attacked and robbed and had their purses snatched and phones stolen,” he said.

He said the attacks were mainly carried out by young Middle-Eastern men.


Tim Blair –

The Age quotes KRudd on Sydney’s recent intermulticultural violence: 

“I think everyone just needs to draw some breath on this and I think we need to see a greater atmosphere of general calm,’’ he told Radio 3AW. 

Omitted was a subsequent line from the same interview, broadcast this morning on Nine news: 

There are acts of violence every day. That’s just a fact of urban life. 

No big deal, then. 


5 thoughts on “Australia: Religion of Peace Attacks Hindu Students, KRudd calls it “a regrettable part of urban life””

  1. * “a regrettable part of urban life”

    What, not a celebration of multicultural diversity?

  2. A councillor from Parramatta came out with the best quote on this by far —

    Councillor McDermott said it was “naive” to deny Indians were being targeted.

    “There is an element of racial targeting and to not think that would be burying our heads in the sand a wee bit,” Cr McDermott said.

    “Parramatta is a multi-ethnic community and it’s something that we celebrate.

    “There’s often an underlying tension between different ethnic groups but within Parramatta we’ve had a very, very good track record of working with those groups to celebrate it.”

    Yes, we celebrated “differences”, indeed. It gets better, Dr Anne Pedersen doesnt celebrate difference at all, she celebrats genocide:

    “But Dr Pedersen said Australia was already a multicultural society and had been for a long time.

    “It’s just that we’re not white anymore, walk down the streets, we’re not a white city anymore and thank god we’re not, “ she said.”

    Now replace “white” with “black” and then you’d have a racist!

  3. Great observations man. I was not aware about that line being omitted from The Age. I always thought they were the more independent paper. Guess they to can spin 🙂

  4. Forgot to mention. Great blog and hope you don’t mind, I took somethings from this post of yours for my latest post. Keep up the good work.

  5. Indians are educated and successful, this drives the Muslims mad with hate. Pakistan was created from old India and created for Muslims, it is not surprisingly a basket case of a country. Why is that you ask, because it is a backward Muslim dominated country. Then you look next door at India in the next 20 years it will be one of the super economies in the world. Tells you alot about the benefits of Islam. Then put yourself in the middle east the historical home of Islam, Israel surrounded by Islamic countries a cutting edge economy developing innovative technologis long befor it ever got the big dollars from the USA. Once again Islamic countries look absolutely stone age in comparison. What do the Muslims do, you would think they would knuckle down and compete and drag themselves forward and use the billions of dollars from petroleum to create cutting edge economies. But no all they do is react with juvenile jealousy, threats and violence. So my friends the fact that no doubt the perpertrators of these attacks on Indians and anyone who is not on their losing team is a target of Lebanese Muslim gangs. And the fact that Lebanese Muslim criminals is of no surprise, will the apologists come out and deny that it is a particular dysfunctional ethnic group that commits the main race based crimes in Australia . Yes the left side of politics will be there blaming everyone but the true ordur of our society.

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