British High Court Worries More About Safety of Muslim Criminals than the British People

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It gets better by the day: the UK justiciary aids and abets criminal Moslems!

Chalk up another ludicrous ruling by Britain’s High Court into the “you couldn’t make this up” category.

Just yesterday The Royal Courts of Justice ruled that :

“A judge ruled that the ‘undesirable’ immigrant, who ’embarked on a criminal career’ in the UK and still poses a threat of further offending, must be freed from detention………Daq, an alcoholic and drug addict, committed 18 offences between 1998 and 2004, using 13 aliases. They included robbery, assault and burglary. The High Court was told Ahmed Daq, 32, must be released on bail because the Home Office has already held him for three years to facilitate his removal from the UK but there is still no prospect of deportation. “

Now it’s not like this thug has been a model prisoner:

“Over the past three years, he has been repeatedly in trouble for violent outbursts against other inmates, and detectives fear he will be a menace on the streets.”

Yet once again the simpering, politically correct, British Courts are worried more about crooks then the British men, women and children.

“His [Daq] latest appeal hearing has been delayed as the legal debate continues over whether it is safe to return criminals and failed asylum seekers to the violent and war-torn east African state.”

You know what? – WHO CARES?!?!  Who gives a rat’s arse whether or not a lying/bogus muslim asylum seeker -who should have been deported back in 2004 – and who looks to the British people to provide him a home and $welfare$ and “free” legal aid - then goes on to rob, assault & burglarize these same generous and innocent people – is deported back to his muslim HOMELAND = SOMALIA? 

Would seem to me that Daq made that choice himself when he decided to victimise the British people.

Unfortunately for all – the asinine British courts also appear to choose to victimise the British people – people who have spoken loudly and clearly about theirimmigration/asylum seeker concerns  and feel that rampant immigration andmulticulturalism  are causing “cultural suicide”:

“A 2008 YouGov poll, commissioned by Channel 4, indicated that 83 per cent of people felt there was an immigration crisis at present. Eighty-four per cent were in favour of stopping immigration completely and a further 66 per cent felt their livelihoods were being ‘undercut’ by migrants.” LINK

and inflict yet (another) known violent criminal into their midst.

You couldn’t make this up……………Unquestionably - Reality is far more disturbing.

For article go to:

Scandal of the migrant criminals: High Court frees Somali thug Britain couldn’t deport

5 thoughts on “British High Court Worries More About Safety of Muslim Criminals than the British People”

  1. UK government – please explain why Ahmed Daq has not yet been deported? Never mind – a rhetorical question.

  2. Kaw ,he will become a client of the state,and when not in prison vote ZaNuLab once given a passport. that is the main thrust behind swamping our country with vermin,replacing the electorate.

  3. I hope he gets his ‘safe house’ ,Police protection and social security benefits too don’t want the little darling to suffer do we. Stand by for the obligatory suing of the British Government for improper imprisonment and torture settled out of court with a huge payoff of course. You know it makes sense.

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