Pat Condell, the Burka and Women's Lib


Real bad craziness: UK: Jail Time for Revving Engine in a “Racist Manner”

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  1. Pat Condell, Geert Wilders, Nick Griffin etc are, in my opinion, amongst the the bravest men in the whole of Europe. They are willingly putting their whole identity out there on the internet and on the political stage, knowing what happened to Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn, and standing up for what they believe in. They are far better men than I am, and far braver than I am. They have families and children and friends that are close to them, and I have no doubt that they would do their utmost to protect them, I have thus far chosen to hide my identity, i’ve privated both my facebook and myspace pages. I am fearful for the future and for the safety of my family, as long as Britain decides to vote for the lib/lab/con trick I will continue to be fearful, as third world immigration will continue unabated, and criminals will continue their rampage willfully encouraged by our marxist leaders. My only true fear is that one day an “enricher” will be there to harm my family members when I am not around.

  2. A Scottish man Ronnie Hutton was jailed for two days for revving his car, to prevent it stalling, near two muslims. This happened in Scotland, and I think people should write to relevant authorities to have the idiot police involved removed from the force. These useless idiots are of the class of moron that recently arrested a mother in Manchester because her child placed a Gollywog in a window. I certainly will see what can be done to have these low IQ morons removed from the police force.

  3. Agreed shocking.
    Davey Crockett..yes those three men are fantastic..but you are probably braver than you think ; if anything happened your instincts would kick in. What more can you do to protect your family? Do they all learn a martial art?
    Are you a member of the BNP?
    Are you a Christian? There are lots of references to fear in the Bible.
    My thoughts are with you.

  4. @theresesaj

    Thats my point, My instincts have kicked in once or twice before. A couple of years ago I absolutely battered my cousins abusive boyfriend, and got a fine for it. He was a black drug-dealer, so i’ve got no moral issues with that. I’ve gotten into fights over the years, and never backed down. But I class those men as braver than me, because they no longer care for anonymity in the fight they believe in. My worries are solely with the fact that once I am identified, my family will be at risk.

    I am more than capable of protecting those who are close to me, I trained in Muay Thai and San-Da for many years. I only quit after I got my ribs broken and a punctured lung during full sparring, after that I decided my health was far more important to me.

    I am more than capable of holding my own, but I worry a lot, especially as my family members live in an “enriched” area of London, and I might not always be there as work is taking me further afield.

  5. My thoughts are with you Davey lad, don’t let the bastards grind you down.

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