How to establish Islam in Pacific Island Nations

Obama Resettling Four Gitmo Detainees to Bermuda…

To hell in a hand-basket: Muslim POTUS Hussein Obama aids and abets the global Jihad in  Pacific Island nations

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This is on top of the detainees that will be released into another prime tourist destination, Palau. Keep in mind all the Uighurs in Gitmo have acknowledged their connections to high-ranking al-Qaeda leaders like Abdul Haq and Hassan Mahsum while they trained in Afghanistan prior to 9/11……

The Justice Department Thursday morning announced that four of the 17 Uighur detainees held at Guantanamo Bay have been resettled in Bermuda.

Abdul Nasser — speaking for himself as well as Huzaifa Parhat, Abdul Semet, and Jalal Jalaladin — thanked the Bermudan government and people in a statement released by his attorneys. 

“Growing up under Communism,” Nasser said, “we always dreamed of living in peace and working in free society like this one. Today you have let freedom ring.”

The Obama administration put out some seemingly mixed messages on the Uighur transfer, saying that their release to Bermuda would make the US safer, while insisting the government would guard against their travel to the US.

An Obama administration source told ABC News that “the Uighurs will not be able to travel to the United States unless the U.S. government consents in advance.”

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Four Gitmo detainees settled in Bermuda

One of them, Abdul Nasser (“Slave of the Victorious One”) commends the decision: “Today you have let freedom ring.” “Four Chinese Muslims Released From Guantanamo,” from the Wall Street Journal,

Andrew Bolt – Howard’s Pacific Solution was cheaper

The Wall Street Journal on the price the US paid Palau to take Guantanamo detainees nobody else wants:

MONTHS of moral grandstanding and intense diplomacy are finally yielding dividends: (Barack) Obama has convinced Palau to resettle a small group of the least dangerous Guantanamo detainees. All it took was $200 million in foreign aid to a country with 20,000 residents and a GDP of about $164m. The Uighurs are not America’s problem alone; they were captured during “the good war”, after all. Yet for all Europe’s excoriations of Gitmo as a blight on America, no one jumped at this easy chance to reduce the prison population. According to news reports, the Obama administration asked more than 100 allies (ie, basically everyone) to accept custody. Palau deserves credit for its “humanitarian gesture”, as Palau President Johnson Toribiong called it, though the $200m in aid probably helped. That works out to $11.7m for each detainee.

Connie Levett, in The Sydney Morning Herald in 2007 on the price John Howard paid to send other unwanted guests to Pacific islands – and Christmas, too:

THE federal government’s Pacific solution has cost more than $1 billion over five years, according to a new report. The report, prepared by Oxfam and A Just Australia, which oppose the offshore-processing scheme, calculated it cost more than $500,000 (a) person to process fewer than 1700 asylum seekers in Nauru, Manus and Christmas Island.

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  1. Islam is already well established in Fiji thru the Indian population. I heard some time ago that an islamic school is being built in very Christian Tonga.
    Missionaries who train in Malaysia , have had their sights on the Pacific nations for a long time. Malaysia is a major islamic missionary training ground…endless govt support for their activities.

  2. Malaysia is also the safe haven and support center for Abu Sayyif who attack and murder Catholics in the Philippines they also give haven and support to the Muslim Terrorist scum who cross the Thai border to kill, maim and behead Buddhist Monks, Police, Teachers and children Malaysian Madrassas are also the training ground and routing and recruitment centers for the regions Mohammedan Terrorists with contacts and assosiations with Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Balai Bombers and Jakarta Embassy and Hotel bombers were also led and financed by Malaysia, What a progressive tolerant Mohammedan Nation it is even though it is only 60% Muslim the 40% Chinese,Indians and Europeans of course being the wealth prooviders and Dhimmie citizens due to the Bumi Putera Laws which give Mohammedans unfair advantages in everything including employment, education, house ownership and business representation. Truly Mohammedan paradise on earth and the Pakistan of S.E.Asis. Indonesia by comparison is truly moderate.

  3. Sorry about the ‘typo’s’ whenever I think about Malaysia and the soft MSM Moonbat press and Western Government treatment it gets I get angry.

  4. Great posts Realist…I lived in Malaysia for quite some time and all this ”modern , moderate state bulldust ” really irritates me.
    They also sheltered and assisted that total Yemini , maniac Bashir whom so many seem to think is Indonesian.

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