Our Kuwait ‘Allies’ Want to Abduct U.S. Soldiers to Force Release of Gitmo Apes

Kidnapping is totally un-Islamic, we all know that, don’t we?

Former Kuwaiti MP Threatens Abduction of U.S. Soldiers to Force the Release of Guantanamo Prisoners  (MEMRI TV)

Following are excerpts from an address by former Kuwaiti MP Mohammed Hayef Al-Mutairi, delivered at a rally for the release of Kuwaitis held in Guantanamo Bay. The address was posted on the Internet on March 31, 2013.

A Moonbat Hero is Something to Be

The left would put this A-sole on a pedestal with Ned Kelly.

Former Gitmo inmate David Hicks’s autobiography was released this week

Update: David Hicks’s book is heavy on his ordeal at Guantanamo Bay, but critics are attacking the lack of detail about his terrorism training. Hicks’s book ‘deceptive, disappointing’ (ABC)

Mahmud Dawoud aka David Hicks: “I reluctantly signed up.”

Hicks is doing what the left does best – re-writing history. The fact that Brigadier McDade thinks so highly of Hicks should preclude her from judging any of our ADF personnel on the basis of a conflict of interest. That’s it’s being condoned by this Australian Government is nothing short of disgraceful. No wonder the soldiers in Afghanistan are so angry.

Brigadier Lyn McDade – the same military prosecutor who described the treatment of David Hicks as abominable. (click here  to see what this subversive twat is all about )

Miranda Devine gags at the evasions and deceits in convicted terrorism supporter David Hicks’ autobiography, now being touted by publishers and reporters who should know better:

Then he just happened to go to Pakistan. A new mosque mate happened to give him some addresses. One thing led to another and he ended up in Peshawar on the Afghan border where he just “came upon” members of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

He met Osama bin Laden, a wealthy man, and it was all a boy’s own adventure.

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Life is good. (In Gitmo)

Ice cream, baklava, cheese: Gitmo hunger strike ends

Ben Fox /AP

Former bin Laden bodyguard started protest in August 2005

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A Guantanamo prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for more than five years is occasionally eating solid food, but is still underweight and suffering from a medical condition likely caused by his protest, officials say in recently filed court documents.

Saudi prisoner Abdul Rahman Shalabi has begun to ease the detention center’s longest hunger strike by eating sporadically — and at times surreptitiously — though he is still classified as a hunger striker and is fed with a liquid nutrient mix through a nasal tube at the prison hospital, military officials said in documents filed Monday with a court in Washington.

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There are no jokes in Islam

Kiwi Jihad

Muslims demand apology for New Zealand PM’s stoning joke, but where is the indignation about the real thing?

The jokes:

“What is the difference between Muslims and Kiwis? Muslims get to commit adultery and get stoned, Kiwis get stoned and commit adultery.”

And making light of a weather forecast: “Shi’ite in the morning and Sunni in the afternoon.” (NZ Herald)

Shocka:   Gitmo rations detainees’ ice cream portions

If that doesn’t call for jihad I don’t know what does….

Ice cream is allegedly being tightly measured at Guantanamo Bay, with only one ice cream allowed for each of its 147 detainees

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

MPAC shows yet again that it would rather impede anti-terror efforts than help them

In July 2005, Robert Spencer wrote this about MPAC’s “National Anti-Terrorism Campaign”: “the concern here seems to be less on rooting out jihadists from within American Muslim communities than on protecting Muslims from uncomfortable attention from law enforcement.”

And here we are again. “MPAC’s One-Way Street on Cooperation,” from IPT News, September 30

The  far left crackpots from Salon  of course promote the usual Mohammedan propaganda, which is gleefully reported at Bunglawussi Watch:

US Muslim organisations play vital role in combating terrorism, report finds

They also repeat  and double up on the lie that  “a Muslim was the first to report to law enforcement last May the suspicious vehicle in Times Square which turned out to be a dud car bomb.”

UK: Police “sorry,” “deeply sorry,” express “real regret” over cameras in Muslim neighborhoods

No, its not a joke. But counterterrorism efforts in the UK are.

After all, how could they ever have gotten the idea that anything illegal would ever be going on in a Muslim neighborhood? But fear not: aghast over being exposed as greasy Islamophobes, they are bowing and scraping with more energy than Obama in front of King Abdullah.

“Police apologise over CCTV in Muslim areas,” by Danielle Dwyer and Wesley Johnson in The Independent, September 30 (thanks to JW:

'Reformed' Gitmo Apes About to Enter Politics

They are career men, after all. True heroes to their people. The mujaheddin need role models:

Two former Gitmo detainees may enter Bahraini Politics (Arab News)

Two former Guantanamo Bay detainees and active NJM members, Issa Al-Murbati and Adel Kamal, are likely candidates to be roped into the hectic publicity campaign in the upcoming elections.

‘Reformed’ former Gitmo inmate, now a deputy in al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula, urges 9/11-style attacks on Israel, assassinations of Arab leaders

This guy again. He can sure spin a yarn, too, as shown below, but his novel would lack continuity. “Yemen: Al-Qaeda no.2 urges ‘9/11’ style Jihad against Israel,” from AdnKronos International, August 19/JW

Former Gitmo Detainee Tried to Kill Saudi Prince

Al Qaeda really wants to kill Prince Muhammad Bin Naif Bin Abdul Aziz, who is the Saudi deputy interior minister and oversees the Kingdom’s counterterrorism efforts. According to the Saudi Gazette, al Qaeda has tried to kill the prince four times since 2004. (Weekly Standard)

Mamdouh Habib’s political career downunder never took off, the web is now almost scrubbed clean, apart from a lot of bleeding hearts garbage that he was “wrongly imprisoned & tortured”

But we still have this: Don’t tell them Habib fibbed

Ex-Gitmo Ape Declares War on Crusaders & Jews, Al Reuters Dilutes Message

That’s the Reuters header, here:

Yemen’s al Qaeda calls for jihad in region – web

and that’s what the released Gitmo jihadist  actually said:

The Yemen-based wing of al Qaeda called on Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula to wage jihad, or holy war, against Christians and Jews in the region.

“The Christians, the Jews, and the treacherous apostate rulers have pounced on you…you have no other way out from this plight other than to wage jihad,” the wing’s deputy leader, Saeed al-Shehri, a former Saudi inmate at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, said in an audio tape posted on a website often used by Islamist groups. More>>

Gitmo, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood & BO

Obama Wants Worst 53 Gitmo Jihadis in the US, indefinitely

But that’s not all:

The United States and Britain are mulling a plan to buy off Taliban fighters in Afghanistan with as much as $1 billion over five years,   according to a report Wednesday from Al-Jazeera.

According to Al-Jazeera, which reported that the U.S. and Britain were leading the charge for the buyoff plan, “the scheme would offer cash, jobs and other incentives to the Taliban and fighters in other armed groups,” including community development projects in the fighters’ villages, and could cost from $500 million to $1 billion over five years.

The goal would be to woo the less-radicalized of the Taliban back to the good side by offering to help alleviate their poverty, thus chipping away at the insurgency’s ranks. (right, cause buying off terrorists has worked so well in the past! – ed)  Infidelsarecool has more>>

Turn ’em loose!

UN lifts sanctions on 5 former Taliban officials

KABUL (AP) – Five former Taliban officials have been removed from the U.N. sanctions list ahead of Thursday’s key international conference inLondon that is expected to focus on a government plan to persuade militants to switch sides.

Spencer: Opening the Door to a Stealth Jihadist

Five years after being barred from the U.S. for making charitable contributions to a group that sent those contributions to the jihad terror group Hamas, internationally renowned Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, often mislabeled “the Muslim Martin Luther,” is allowed to enter the country again. The turnabout comes not because Ramadan has been cleared of these charges, but because Secretary of State Clinton has, in the words of State spokesman Darby Holladay, “chosen to exercise her exemption authority for the benefit of Tariq Ramadan.”  Read more in Human Events today

Atlas Shrugs

Obama wants worst 53 Gitmo inmates in the US, indefinitely Creeping Sharia

Bringing the worst of the worst to the U.S. heartland, forever. And releasing scores of others to a Yemeni jihadi rehab. via The Telegraph.

The administration wants to move 53 Guantanamo detainees to a federal prison in Illinois who are judged too dangerous to free but lacking the evidence against them for a trial, prompting accusations that Mr Obama would merely create a “Guantanamo North”.

A source close to the Obama administration said the Yemenis had agreed in principle to the establishment of a Reintegration and Risk Reduction Initiative, which would be internationally funded and monitored.

Aimed at steering detainees back into society, it would be modeled on previous efforts in Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The project has support from within the US state department and is gaining ground among White House advisers, said the source, because it would help the president dig himself out of a large hole created by his pledge to close the prison while trying to avoid releasing terror suspects back into the militant fold. Having missed his Jan 22 deadline to close the detention centre, as things stand Guantanamo is unlikely to shut this year.

It’s all about digging Obama out of a hole he dug himself into, even when it is contrary to national security. By Obama’s own logic, if Gitmo is a jihadi recruiting tool now, what do you think Gitmo on the Great Satan’s soil will be? Maybe that is what he is counting on?

Meanwhile, Obama is planting the seeds of jihad all across Europe:

Infiltration Watch:

Hamas’ 54 Democratic Congressmen: Muslim Brotherhood is in da House

From Carl in J’lem

UN ‘Human Rights Council’ holds special session on… Haiti?

The UN ‘Human Rights Council’ held a special session Wednesday on Haiti. According to UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer, the session is a total waste of time and resources, and the Council should instead donate its cost to the Haitian relief effort.

Lies, lies lies

Faced with a cutoff in aid from Canada that may be a prelude to other Western countries taking a closer look at it, UNRWA has a page on its website entitled “Have you misUNderstood?” The bald-faced lies on this page are simply beyond belief. Let’s look at three of them:  more from Carl

Sick joke of the week:

Hamas investigates itself, finds itself innocent.

Awesome: German firm cancels contract to renovate Iranian port

Under heavy pressure from Israel, a German firm has canceled a contract to renovate the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas

Israel’s ambassador to Berlin told Chancellor Angela Merkels’ top aides, as well as foreign ministry officials, that Iran has been exporting weapons from that port bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. link

Mohammedansim ueber alles!

Ransom Demand for German Hostages

Archive photo of airhead Jill Carroll (replacement for another picture from a bunch of wankers who call themselves “diggers realm”- )

Yemen Kidnappers Want Release of Terror Suspects and $2 Million

The German government has been presented with a new challenge in Yemen. Kidnappers holding a German family are allegedly demanding $2 million in ransom and the release of several suspected Islamist terrorists being held by the Yemeni government. The demands are being met with skepticism. more…

Cry me a river:

The Pain of Listening

Using Music as a Weapon at Guantanamo

For years, US interrogators at Guantanamo used painfully loud music on prisoners at Camp Delta. Rock musicians like Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and civil rights organization are demanding an investigation into the practice. By Tobias Rapp more…

More Than Half of Turks in Austria Want Sharia…

More than half of the approx. 220,000 Turkish immigrants – 2.65% of the 8.3 million people in Austria – want Islamic law introduced into the Austrian legal system.  Asked whether some parts of Islamic law (e.g. marriage, family and inheritance laws) should be incorporated into Austrian law, 50% agreed, 16% said it depended on which elements were incorporated and 22% were against it.  Responses varied by education level and German language skills, but religion was the most decisive factor.  Close to 62% of religious-political Muslims agreed Sharia should be incorporated, compared to 41% of secular Muslims.  In both groups, an additional 16% said it depends on what elements were to be incorporated.

72% says that following religious commandments is more important than democratic ones.  For 57% of the Turks, the laws and regulations of Islam are more important than that of Austria.  And almost half of the Turkish immigrants say that crime in Austria is caused by democracy… Islam in Europe>>

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Switched Sides

Six months into his stint as a guard at Guantánamo, Terry Holdbrooks converted to Islam. What made him do it, asks Sarfraz Manzoor from the Guardian of Muslims

Son of junkie parents in search of “structure”


Holdbrooks grew up in Arizona, the only son of junkie parents who split up when he was seven years old. He was raised by his ex-hippie grandparents. Towards the end, Holdbrooks reveals that his favourite words are “structure”, “order” and “discipline” that the pieces fall into place. Holdbrooks’s life had been a search for order: the regimentation of army life had appeared to offer structure, and when it let him down, he turned to religion.Islam.

Zappa: Son of Orange County

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State Department: Gitmo Detainees Are "Refugees"

* No, Obama is not a Marxist Moslem. No, Obama is not a terrorist sympathizer. From our You-can’t-make this-s#*t -up department…

Obamessiah: Fool, Incompetent or both?

3400330542_c773f86e83_mObama Doesn’t Understand: The Alternative to Victory is Defeat


  • White House Mum on Gadhafi Grants/ The White House declined to comment on a letter that an Illinois Republican send to President Obama demanding that he cancel funding for two $200,000 State Department grants to groups belonging to Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s children.

The Blog/ courtesy of Weasel Zippers

Just in case you were still skeptical that America’s 5th column president is a Muslim and in the enemy camp, here’s evidence that the (once) White House is now a Moslem nest:

white house, black flag

A Republican sends over this video of the State Department press briefing today, in which Assistant Secretary P.J. Crowley calls Gitmo detainees “refugees” at about the 24-minute mark.


QUESTION: Talk to us a little bit about response and talks and any commitments that you may have gotten from our European and other friends in the international community about taking in Guantanamo detainees as the camp in Guantanamo is expected to close at some point in the near future. Have you gotten any commitments from our European friends and anybody else?

CROWLEY: Ambassador Dan Fried continues his efforts to resettle, you know, Guantanamo refugees to various places around the world.


Update: Two Gitmo Gorillas headed for Ireland

Pamela Geller has a terrific piece in today’s American Thinker, “Is This Any Way To Fight A War?” In it, she points out the irony as an actual threat that was playing out in New York City last week just as Barack Obama was at the United Nations talking about a threat, all right — but not the same one.

The threat and the threat/read it all from JW