Justice: Killer of Yemenite Jew Sentenced to Death

Yeah! But will he be executed? According to Mohammedan Law, the sharia, no  Muslim must be killed for killing an unbeliever:

No Muslim should be killed for killing an unbeliever…1.3.111 (Sahih Bukhari).

A believer shall not be killed for an unbeliever, nor an accomplice…14.2745 (Sunaan Abu Dawud)

Justice in Yemen: Killer of Moshe Al-Nahari is Sentenced to Death

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Amran, Yemen – A Yemeni court of appeals on Sunday sentenced a former air force pilot to death for the murder of a Jewish man, court sources said.

The court in the north-western province of Amran convicted Abdul- Aziz al-Abdi, a 40-year-old retired Yemeni Air Force pilot, of premeditated murder.

Al-Abdi has confessed to shooting dead Moshe al-Nahari, a member of the Jewish minority in the north-western town of Raida last December.

In March, a first instance court in Amran convicted al-Abdi of the murder, but said he was “mentally unstable” when he committed the crime. The court also ordered him to pay 27,000-dollars in so-called blood money.

The crime triggered anger among members of Yemen’s Jewish community, estimated at around 400 people.

Representing the victim’s family, Khaled al-Anesi called the verdict “a scandal”.

Moshe al-Nahari, the father of nine, was shot dead after al-Abdi called on him to convert to Islam, indicating the murder was a premeditated act. The assailant confessed to the murder and that a month prior to the shooting, he warned Raida’s Jewish community to convert or leave Yemen. Otherwise they would face death, Al-Abdi threatened.



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