Prison Da'awa, Prison Jihad: Muslims Count For 37% of Italy's Prison Population

Mostly Muslim Immigrants Make Up 37% of Italy Prison Population

(ANSAmed) – NAPLES, JUNE 17 – According to data provided by the ISMU Foundation, an independent and autonomous scientific body promoting studies, research, and initiatives on multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society, 37% of the prison population in Italy is made up of foreigners. The group reports that almost 22,000 foreign inmates were counted in Italy’s prisons at the beginning of 2009. Of these, 6,000 are awaiting trial. Inmates making appeals and claims total 7,000, while 8,000 have been sentenced. For the Italian population, 0.7 per 1,000 individuals are in prison, while there is an eightfold increase for foreigners in Italy, with 5.5 per 1,000 individuals in prison. On January 1 2009, reports showed that the group with the most individuals in Italy’s prisons are Moroccan nationals (4,700), followed by Romanians (2,700), Albanians (2,600), and Tunisians (2,500). For the Romanian population, the percentage of the population in prison is relatively low (3.5 per 1,000), while the Albanian population has a higher percentage (6.0 per 1,000), as well as Moroccans (11.8 per 1,000), and Tunisians (25 per 1,000).

UK: Muslim Prisoners Given Their Own Cells After Complaining They Had to Eat and Pray Near Infidels….ZIP

British Police Considering Supplying Suspected Criminals With Treadmills, Korans and Arrows Pointing to Mecca….ZIP

I suppose anything less would be “racist…”


UK: whatever it takes to smear the BNP. Never trust the Guardian:


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  1. I have never understood how a big time mullah could come out of a British prison weighing 20 stone. The men in our local prisons are always hungry , always thinking and talking about food..they are fed on less than what elderly people get in commercially run rest homes…

  2. Thersaj
    Maybe he was 30 stone when he went in! Actually, your observation suggests rather special treatment for these people in British jails. And this observation correlates with statements from others.

  3. Yes Kaw , I found this unbelievable. I am no expert on weight but thought someone would have to be eating huge amounts to a maintain this sort of size. Maybe British readers could update us on prison conditions for islamists.

  4. Have there been any studies at all about the economic cost to the hapless British taxpayer concerning the ongoing one way traffic into Britain from India, Pakistan, Irak, Somalia, etc., etc., over the past ten years?

    The whole thing seems inexplicable. Is there any debate going on about the slow descent into oblivion?

  5. The BNP constantly mentions it reijo and look at how they are treated.
    Many white citizens are fleeing to places like Canada , Australia and New Zealand.

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