Litigation Jihad

U.S. Bails Out Palestinian Terrorism…Again  

By: Rachel Ehrenfeld  The Obama administration militarizes the Palestinians, more>>


* Now they go apeshit before it even happens:

“Islamic Jihad has two wings, one violent and one lawful which can operate apart but often reinforce each other. While the violent arm attempts to silence speech by burning cars when cartoons of Mohammed are published…the lawful arm is skillfully maneuvering within Western legal systems both here and abroad.”

Continue reading “Welcome to ‘Lawfare’—A New type of Jihad” by Brooke Goldstein

The Fanny Truchelut Case

The Gates of Vienna/ by Baron Bodissey

For several years Yvette “Fanny” Truchelut and her husband ran a hostel for holidaymakers in a rural area of France. In the summer of 2006 she was brought up on charges after requesting that female Muslim guests remove their veils in the common areas of her establishment. More>>