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Rudd’s signal heard, all right

Andrew Bolt

(from our ‘they just keep coming’ department)

Kevin Rudd’s media defenders claimed in April that the increase in boat people could not be blamed on Kevin Rudd’s softening of our laws against illegal immigrants. Their argument: How could ignorant Afghanis, Iraqis and Sri Lankans have even known of Rudd’s changes?:7-5-09-illegals-arrive-blow-up-pic-crop-small3

The ABC then claimed one asylum seeker told it Rudd’s “softening of asylum seeker policy . . . had no influence on his decision”. But a fuller transcript showed he’d denied nothing.

Again Rudd’s apologists tried. The ABC’s Jon Faine, The Monthly’s Sally Warhaft, and The Sydney Morning Herald’s David Marr agreed mere Afghans could never have known of Rudd’s changes

That argument was almost immediately challenged – by boat people themselves:

One (Iraqi) said he plans to attempt the boat journey even though his refugee status is already confirmed, because he has heard he is more likely to be accepted by Kevin Rudd’s Government than its predecessor….  ”Kevin Rudd – he’s changed everything about refugee. If I go to Australia now, different, different,” a second asylum seeker told the ABC.

And today the Herald Sun carried this interview with Iraqi asylum-seeker Yaser Mandalavi, in an Indonesian detention centre:

“Mr Howard made it very hard for refugees. He wouldn’t let me bring my family to Australia when I lived there. But I have been told (Rudd has) made it easier for people like me to come to Australia and to bring our families with us…”

After the Rudd Government scrapped TPVs, a people smuggler “mafia man” persuaded him to set sail.

He told me the laws had been changed in Australia, and that Mr Rudd wanted refugees,” Mr Mandalavi said.

4 thoughts on “Out through the night An' the whispering breezes…”

  1. I like to be in Australia!
    O.K. by me in Australia!
    Ev’rything free in Australia!
    For a small fee in Australia!

  2. It’s a bit sad if Rudd has been putting spin on it, but let’s be honest, refugee numbers around the globe are increasing at the same rate as ours. The things you say about Islam happen in places like Afghanistan and a lot of people want to be free of it. That’s why we have international laws protecting refugees rights, because Australia has a responsibility to take their fair share despite the fact that it comes with a risk.

    Refugee numbers are only growing to climb. The global food crisis has hit hard as free trade agreements impact on third world economies that used to be self sufficient for food. Their markets collapsed so that ours could grow, so now they want to go somewhere where there’s food. Global Peak Oil means that China feeds weapons to Sudanese Janjaweed to protect their own oil interests from that country, and people want to go somewhere where they won’t be massacred. And climate change is already measurably altering monsoons, causing increasing forest fires in countries that never had problems, doubling the frequency of severe storms, causing killer heatwaves and allowing mosquito borne diseases like malaria to spread upslope to cities that had been built above the line of threat. People want to move somewhere where they can live. As that increases, we are going to see a massive escalation in instability and refugee numbers will go through the roof.

    Is it right for us rich westerners to create these problems then sit up on snobs hill and beat back all the poor as they come begging for help? If so, what exactly are we trying to defend? I think it’s time we started waking up to the real world and changed our immigration and integration policies so we can afford to care for refugees.

  3. A Chrisitan,
    We are not responsible for the state of the worlds third world. Most of the problems are due to corrupt governance in these regions. Certainly the colonial expansion of European powers wan not helpful, but sufficient time has now passed for these countries to have recovered. Over-population, particularly in muslim countries , is also a significant problem and strains the resources of both these countries and the first world who end up financing many of these third world countries.

  4. Good governance is one of those slippery terms used by obscenely rich western nations to avoid their social responsibility. They could talk about something concrete like corruption, but good governance is wider than that; it takes in all of the policies that we would like them to have such as trade liberalisation and privatisation. GG policies have aimed at producing economies that we can trade with to our advantage, not countries where the marginalised are cared for. The net product of so much western ‘aid’ carried out under the banner of GG is a lot of money for western consultants, free trade agreements where the US floods developing nations with subsidised rice or cotton and destroys their local industry, Australian ‘Aid’ that ensures Iraq has become a major importer of Australian wheat and a mass of starving people who are angrier than ever and crying out for some revolution or philosophy that will protect them from these thieving westerners.

    As bad as collonialism was, most developing countries are reeling not from that but from western interests in the 70’s and following – check out the Jubilee and Drop the Debt movements to find out more. Money is still the mover and shaker of the world. Don’t believe for a moment that 1st world nations finance the survival of developing nations. The figures show that through the way they co-opt the markets of muslim African nations and others, western nations take back roughly 14 times as much in trade as they give in aid. It wasn’t random chance that made the World Trade Centre buildings the focus of anger.

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