Lullaby for a Dead Fly… Today's Biggest Story in the MSM

  Update on: Obama Lies, Fly Dies…  

2243615289_4ddb69c9d2-1            Peanut Khadr Watch from Carl in J’lem:         

Are you thrilled with former President Jimmy Carter’s attempts to get Obama to join him in embracing Hamas?

New Leader, New Religion, New Ideas:

Hope’n’Change means Language Change: “Overseas Contingency Operations” and  “Man Caused Disasters”  are all the rage. “War on Terror” is out. (Oh well, I never liked it anyway. We should have called it War on Jihad and addressed the issues)

* But I’m afraid its too late now….

carter-and-haniyeh-about-to-embrace                             Brother! Can we kill some Joozzz…?!

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Links Deserve Second Look


              Gangland Chicago &  the Muslim POTUS : are you surprised?

It’s come to this. Criminal behavior is now courageous.

Cool. Obstruction of justice is now political courage.

I wonder if the firing of two other IG’s was courageous?

Just a matter of time until Obama accepts a Profiles in Courage Award for this noble and heroic act of obstruction of justice.

Arab News:

Saudi Mufti: Execute Ahmadinejad

Yousef bin Abdallah Al-Ahmad, a mufti from Al-Imam University in Riyadh, said in a fatwa that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should be executed, following his June 14 accusation that several of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad were heretics. MEMRI

Willie Clitman Watch on ZIP:

6a00e008c6b4e588340115712853a8970b-320pi Andrea Rincón 

….Everyone agreed that the key would be for Bill Clinton to carefully coordinate his efforts with the State Department, and things seem to have worked out smoothly so far. But even the most meticulous coordination may not be enough to avoid minor blips or the inevitable tabloid mess.

Take, for example, the former president’s recent trip to Buenos Aires, where he raised a boatload of money for his initiative at a lunch and later a speech for 1,500 government and financial industry folks at a downtown hotel. Later that evening, he dined at a fine restaurant with President Cristina Fernández deKirchner and her husband, former president Néstor Kirchner.

And then — it had to happen eventually — there were the widespread news reports that Clinton and his entourage later had a “noche de soltero” (boys’ night out) at a well-known cabaret called Crocodilo, where a certain Andrea Rincón, a “morocha” (brunette) who was “pulposa” (well-endowed) and a former participant in the popular TV reality show “Big Brother,”did a private “baile hot” for him, according to the Web site of the news weekly Perfil, though it’s not clear exactly what that dance involved.

Her tale, best we can figure, was that she just danced, nothing untoward, and was paid “very well” in dollars by someone, but not by Clinton. She said she didn’t speak to him.





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  1. Poor dead Louie
    Louie the Fly
    A victim of Huss-ein


    Hate that word Huss-ein!

  2. Poor dead Louie the Fly.

    Despatched by Hussein O-bow-ma.

    Typical Muzzie reaction
    to slug a lone defenceless Buzzie
    Poor, poor Louie.

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