Pakistan: Taliban kidnaps 400 people

Waki Paki Talib News:

* Must be ‘moderates’- if it was radicals they would have killed them all by now, right? Lets see if we can talk it out with them, lets send Hillarity Clitman or Peanut Khadr to talk some sense into these people:

‘Umdat al-Salik, a manual of Islamic law endorsed by Al-Azhar University, the most respected institution in Sunni Islam, says that hostages can be killed, exchanged for ransom, enslaved, or released, depending on what is best for the Muslim community (o9.14).

“Taliban abduct hundreds in Pakistani tribal region,” by Ashraf Khan and Nahal Toosi for Associated Press, June 1 (thanks to Pamela) via Jihad Watch:

Taliban goes house to house demanding boys for grooming as suicide bombers

And the boys insist they are not being brainwashed: “Some hypocrites say that we are doing this for money — or because of brainwashing – but we are told by Allah to target these pagans.”

“Taliban grooming teens as suicide bombers: Report,” from the Times of India, May 31:

Iran blames U.S. for mosque bombing, but shuts border with Pakistan

Indicating that behind the propaganda, someone there has a clearer idea of what kind of jihad was really being waged in the attack.

“Iran shuts its border with Pakistan,” by Saleem Shahid for Dawn,