Real bad crazyness at the Times, Londonistan…

They actually believe this?

Andrew Bolt – 

sardarSardar: garbage in, garbage out…

The Times of London is supposed to be a pillar of the Establishment. So if the paper now chooses a Wacademic such as Ziauddin Sardar to write book reviews as crazed and venemously anti-American as this, is shouldn’t be long before the roof falls in:

American citizenship is not citizenship but conversion: it involves brainwashing and imposition of a single, fixed nationalistic identity that turns the citizens into patriotic zombies. Uttering a single word against the State is out of the question.

Could someone tell Michael Moore that he’s out of the question? Or is Sardar simply out of his mind?

3 thoughts on “Real bad crazyness at the Times, Londonistan…”

  1. Actually, if you believe in core American values and express those beliefs you’re marginalized because the public school system has long since implemented Bill Ayers’ brainwashing plan.

    We do, however, still have harsh treason laws on our books. Oh, if only we ever enforced them. Most of the Dems in the legislative branch would have been imprisoned for the things they said about our troops.

  2. I think he needs a hair cut.

    But maybe that’s just me.

    After that he could sit down and ponder the fact that he’s writing about a country that still tolerates free speech – putting paid to his weird assertions. Unlike the hapless UK these days.

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