The South of Thailand is 'Restive' (Again)

Two Soldiers Beheaded In Thai Muslim South

*  Note the latest,  obligatory dhimmi-line that accompanies every article from the Thai Jihad, which provide the excuses for the jihadists, usually called ‘insurgents or militants”- or, like in this case, “gunmen”….

“It was a Muslim sultanate until annexed by predominantly Buddhist Thailand a century ago.”

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* The Thai government, in good dhimmi fashion, follows the Philippines and offers more appeasement:

After Last Week’s Orgy of Violence by Thai Jihadists, Government Rewards Them With Possibility of Sharia Law, More Autonomy… ZIP

y195911017216186Suspected Muslim separatists killed and then beheaded two soldiers on Friday in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim-majority south, a police officer said.The soldiers were shot dead on their motorcycles as they guarded teachers going to school in Yala, one of the three southern provinces caught up in a separatist insurgency in which more than 3,000 people have been killed since 2003.

“At least 10 gunmen using army weapons ambushed the group, killing two soldiers. Then they beheaded them and took away their guns and bullet-proof jackets,” the officer told reporters.

The rebels have never revealed themselves publicly or claimed responsibility for the violence, which has remained limited to the rubber-producing region abutting the Malaysian border.

It was a Muslim sultanate until annexed by predominantly Buddhist Thailand a century ago.

In an incident at the start of this month two paramilitary rangers were shot dead and decapitated in the region, and last week three policemen were killed by a bomb on a rural road.


PR-Inside: 8 wounded as gunmen attack southern Thai temple

PATTANI, Thailand (AP) – Suspected Muslim insurgents opened fire on a Buddhist temple in southern Thailand on Monday, wounding eight people, an army officer said.
Lt. Col. Piyawat Chalermsri said at least four attackers shot into the compound of the temple in Narathiwat province as about 30 people were taking part in an aerobics class there. Buddhist temples often serve as community centers in Thailand.
The wounded included a 1-year-old girl and a local Muslim, said Piyawat.
The temple hosts a small army encampment, like others in the insurgency-plagued region.
«The security forces fired back as soon at the attack began, otherwise there might have been more casualties,» Piyawat said, adding that the attackers arrived on motorcycles.
More than 3,500 people have been killed in Thailand’s three southernmost provinces since a separatist insurgency flared up in January 2004.
Since the start of this month, 36 people have been killed and more than 100 have been wounded in violence in the region.

The most deadly incident was killing of 10 Muslims at a mosque in Narathiwat on June 8.
Some Thai authorities blamed the mosque attack on insurgents, claiming it was meant to inflame tensions between the Muslim and Buddhist communities.
Rumors have also circulated that the mosque attack was masterminded by Thai authorities, something strongly denied by the government.
The insurgents make no public pronouncements, but are thought to be fighting to carve out an independent Muslim state in the three southern provinces. While many there do not support the rebels, there is widespread distrust among Muslims of the predominantly Buddhist Thai authorities. 

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  1. This sensless killing of Buddhist Teachers , children and women is planned and executed from Malaysia where the Terrorist SCUM receive support and safe haven. You know Malaysia with its Dhimmie Bumiputera Laws and Shariah Law States and Legal Terrorist Groups who attack not only Thailand but the Philippines and even fellow Mohammedan Indonesia too but who you are constantly being told by the STUPID MSM and idiotic Western Governments is a MODERATE Mohammedan country. Ah ‘Malaysia truly Asia’ as the TV ads say that is if you count Pakistan as the role model for that.

  2. Got it in one Realist. I suspect we might see the RoP trying this in Europe if their numbers are sufficient. If that happens then they will be terminated. I would rather live in peace with these bastards, but I will not be subjected to a range of conditions defined by them to achieve this.There will be NO compromise.

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