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Christians stoned to death in Muslim countries  (Vlad Tepes)


25 Maids to be Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Published April 9th, 2012

Twenty-two death row Indonesian inmates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been exonerated and repatriated back to Indonesia, while 25 maids are still facing death sentences in Saudi Arabia for various offenses. (via Mullah)

The Saudi Witch Trial: 73rd Beheading is a Saudi Woman

Norway: Muslims not fasting during Ramadan should be beheaded

Beautiful. Couldn’t happen to nicer people:

Ramadan in Europe

At Hudson-NY, Soeren Kern gives a rundown of how Europeans are accommodating their Muslim residents on Ramadan, and how their Muslims are demanding more. Excerpts:
In Norway, the Oslo-based Imam Syed Farasat Ali Bukhari told the Norwegian state television channel NRK that any Muslim not fasting during Ramadan should be beheaded. He made the comments shortly after asking the government for permission to open a private Islamic school for 200 pupils in the Ammerud neighbourhood of Oslo. The government subsequently denied his request.

China Jihad: Uighurs stabbed, stoned, burned and beheaded victims…

“Perhaps they were jealous of his success. They clearly targeted the family…”

As The Times stood outside what is left of No 447 Zhongwan Street, a Han neighbour approached. She had watched the killings from her home in an apartment block overlooking the store.

“We saw hundreds of Uighurs running down the street on the afternoon of July 5. About ten suddenly rushed into the store. They began to hit the people inside, even the old mother, with bricks and stones. They tried to run outside. Then they were dragged back inside.

“There were terrible screams. Just wordless screams. But then very quickly they fell silent.”

She said that the son tried to hide in a chicken coop but was dragged out and his head was cut off. All the victims were left to burn inside the building. The corpses of the boy and his father were found beheaded. Mr Yu said: “Even the 84-year-old mother was stoned and then burnt. It was terrible, terrible. So cruel.”

Counter Terrorism: Spiritual mother of Uighurs or terrorist?



The South of Thailand is 'Restive' (Again)

Two Soldiers Beheaded In Thai Muslim South

*  Note the latest,  obligatory dhimmi-line that accompanies every article from the Thai Jihad, which provide the excuses for the jihadists, usually called ‘insurgents or militants”- or, like in this case, “gunmen”….

“It was a Muslim sultanate until annexed by predominantly Buddhist Thailand a century ago.”

Al Reuters

* The Thai government, in good dhimmi fashion, follows the Philippines and offers more appeasement:

After Last Week’s Orgy of Violence by Thai Jihadists, Government Rewards Them With Possibility of Sharia Law, More Autonomy… ZIP

y195911017216186Suspected Muslim separatists killed and then beheaded two soldiers on Friday in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim-majority south, a police officer said.The soldiers were shot dead on their motorcycles as they guarded teachers going to school in Yala, one of the three southern provinces caught up in a separatist insurgency in which more than 3,000 people have been killed since 2003.

“At least 10 gunmen using army weapons ambushed the group, killing two soldiers. Then they beheaded them and took away their guns and bullet-proof jackets,” the officer told reporters.

The rebels have never revealed themselves publicly or claimed responsibility for the violence, which has remained limited to the rubber-producing region abutting the Malaysian border.

It was a Muslim sultanate until annexed by predominantly Buddhist Thailand a century ago.

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Thai Jihadists keep practicing "un-Islamic" activities like beheadings…

Thailand: Jihadists behead three people this week, bringing their total to 47

“Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks…” Qur’an 47:4

They just want Sharia — as always.

“Thailand: More beheadings in troubled Muslim south,” from AKI, February 26 (thanks to JW):

Narathiwat, 26 Feb. (AKI) – Suspected “Islamist rebels”  have decapitated three people in Thailand’s Muslim dominated south in the past week, police said on Thursday. (Calling them “missionary bandits” didn’t change their attitudes then?/ed)Three people were killed late on Wednesday in the southern Thai province of Narathiwat , and one of the victims was decapitated, police said.

Forty-seven people, often soldiers, have been beheaded in Thailand’s three Muslim-majority provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani since 2004. An estimated 3,300 people have been killed in the conflict.

Experts say the region’s Islamic schools or ‘pondok’ are fomenting the Islamist rebellion.

Demands by Thai Muslims include the introduction of Islamic law and making ethnic Pattani Malay (Yawi) a working language in the region. They also want an improvement in the local economy and education system….