UK: "Man" Raped by "Asian" Taxi Driver

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British “Man”  Raped by “Asian” Taxi Driver

* Well, I guess this gives “shafted” a whole new meaning…


I have chronicled many of the growing numbers of rapes perpetrated by muslim taxi drivers – but these rapes have all been of women –  this latest victim of taxi driver rape is a man.

A man was raped by a taxi driver who followed him into his block of flats after driving him home. The 20-year-old victim got into the cab at Quay Street in Manchester city centre in the early hours of Sunday after a night out. When the taxi arrived at Salford Quays, the driver refused to take payment. The man went into his flat block, but was grabbed by the driver as he waited for the lift. He was raped in the stairwell of the building, police said.

….The rapist was described as being in his late 20s or early 30s, dark skinned, possibly Asian, and of middle eastern or Iraqi appearance.”

The horrible crime has left the violated young man “traumatised”.

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It is interesting that the taxi driver refused to take a fare from his soon-to-be victim as a fare played a role in another muslim taxi driver rape – although it was the NON payment of a fare.  I suppose I could speculate that the muslim driver’s not taking a fare was due to guilt – but that would rely on a morals system being in place – and a rapist with morals is a glaring dichotomy.

This above rape was not the only sexual assault – by a muslim - to happen this past weekend.

  A 26 year old woman was walking alone in Walthamstow (North East London) when she was sexually assaulted by a man of “Asian appearance”. The police are not treating it as a rape although the assault took place near where the heinous “Asian”  “Night Stalker” is suspected of committing a rape and murder. 

The “night stalker” has raped both men and women.

Not surprisingly – women in the area are feeling at risk - yet another woman received this response (or lack thereof) from the police:

“………. she was out jogging shortly before the attack took place when she was approached by an Asian man in a car, who made suggestive comments to her.

“When I told the police, they didn’t really take much notice as they said women normally know their attackers,” Ms Wright said.”  LINK

This lame generalization “women normally know their attackers” falls into the same category as the police recitation of what I call the BIG LIE  – when discussing muslim rapes ——- “incidents like this are rare” ——- seems to be the favorite politically correct claptrap used. This BIG LIE is just about as accurate as the police reported low numbers of gun crimes in Britain.

I wonder if raped men also supposedly “know” their attackers?  Clearly the young male victim above didn’t know his.


** One less serious muslim related incident happened last Thursday in North East Leeds: Three 12 year old girls were walking when an “Asian” man approached them and wanted them to go into the bushes. Whilst making the demands the man exposed himself and then ran off. We should be thankful that this incident was just a “flash” yet it certainly isn’t the experience one would want for a 12 year old child.  LINK

Nevertheless people shouldn’t worry ….undoubtedly police are sure that “incidents like this are rare”.

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  1. Never have a ‘goatee’ beard in an area with lots of Moz, sooner or later one of them will do this to you…..

  2. Muslims,
    This IS how you actually behave. Try that in my area and you get to meet your pig prophet and its stuffed doll Allah. In the case of the Walthamstow attack, the PC police are showing their true colors. I would suggest it is about time the citizenry arose and reclaimed the streets back from these muslim thugs. As for muslim taxis drivers: see line 2.

  3. So infidel men can also be uncovered meat!

    Maybe they should also stay in their boudoirs or else cover themselves in a burqua when they venture out. Otherwise, they have only themselves to blame.

  4. Apparently in their hunt for the rapist the UK Police stopped and interviewed hundreds of white bare faced schoolboys and Grannies on bikes just in the interest of racial equality fairness you understand. You know it makes sense.

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