Appeasement is the problem, not the solution

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Amil Imani: Mainstream Islam has been outright genocidal from inception!

“In the West, an unholy coalition of mentally-deranged suicidal-homicidal liberals, together with self-aggrandizing Islamic apologists, are doing their level best to assist the Islamists in the destruction of the existing order of freedom and liberty.”   Read it all!

Stephen Pollard:

A fascinating piece in the Jerusalem Post by Amir Taheri on what happens when you appease terrorists:

Appeasing terrorists was tried by French president Francois Mitterrand in the 1980s, and made France the most-targeted Western country for a decade.Mitterrand launched his appeasement weeks after becoming president in 1981. He released all the 31 convicted terrorists in French prisons and lifted the ban on pro-terrorist publications and illegal radio stations. He also abolished the State Security Court, set up to deal with terrorism, describing it as a Nazi-style outfit. He let the Basque terrorists of ETA use French territory as a base against Spain and allowed various Palestinian groups and the Irish Republican Army (IRA) to operate in Paris.


Mitterrand feted Yasser Arafat, then regarded as the godfather of terror, and traveled to Cyprus to court Libya’s dictator Muammar Gaddafi, the principal paymaster of international terror at the time. Mitterrand’s appeasement included the Khomeinist regime in Teheran and led to an exchange of ambassadors and high-level contacts.

…Abu Nidal and Carlos visited Paris for business and pleasure. Imad Mughniyeh, a Lebanese terrorist on the American “most-wanted list” dropped in for shopping holidays. Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini sent his nephew, one Massoud Hendizadeh, to set up a terror headquarters in Paris. The Islamic Embassy in the French capital became the center of operations for Europe. Later, when French police issued an arrest warrant for Vahid Gorji, the man who headed the Iranian terror headquarters in Paris, Mitterrand arranged for him to be put on the first flight to Teheran to escape prosecution.

Payback for Mitterrand’s policy started with the assassination of General Rene Audron, a senior member of the French Defense Ministry, in 1985. A few months later Paris was hit by a series of bomb attacks, including on two major department stores in which 35 people were injured on Christmas Eve.

In February 1986 a major shopping arcade and a hotel on the Champs Elyss e were bombed. The wave of attacks continued with the bombing of the Forum des Halles and the attempted blowing up of the Eiffel Tower.

By March 1986 France was the victim of a full-scale terror campaign, including a suicide operation in which two Arab terrorists were killed on the Champs Elys e. Attacks on the Paris Metro, Orly Airport and shopping centers created a climate of fear. Dozens of other plots, including an attempt to derail a high-speed train, were nipped in the bud by the police.

…But this was not all. Fifty-three French paratroopers were killed in a suicide attack in Beirut in 1983. Also in Beirut a pro-Syrian group assassinated France’s ambassador, while a Khomeinist gang held the French ambassador in Teheran hostage for several days. A total of 37 French citizens were held as hostages in the Middle East, and two murdered in cold blood, by the same terror groups that Mitterrand had tried to appease.

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  1. I remember a French friend telling me that Mme. Mitterand used to give stirring speeches about ” welcoming our arab brothers and sisters”
    ( Not to live in the Elysee Palace with her and hubby , of course )
    The Mitterands were VERY rich apparrently , richer than they ever should have been on the pres’s salary .
    Maybe Mme.Mitterand was ‘frugal with the ‘ousekeeping ‘ ( Clouseau , the Pink Panther movie )

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