Bring it on, racists!

“The truth is, I am now President.” 

Many news organizations have embarrassed themselves with fawning Obama coverage and are the subject of growing ridicule, including from Obama himself.

President Obama Blames GOP for Record Deficit; Announces “I Am Now President” – Video 

Obama also said Republicans “should have more shame” for what they supposedly are responsible for,….. like… incurring 4 trillion in debt in 6 months…????

Is anybody sobering up yet?  What does it take for the fawning media whores to admit that it was them who helped this  turkey to the throne?

Andrew Bolt – Friday, July 24, 09 


This is the face of a black racist PoS who is making a good  living shoving “black history” down the throats of naive students at  American universities.  Since America does not push ‘white’ history, or ‘Asian’ history, he is a fossil of misguided race policies from the late sixties.

You had your five pounds of flesh, brotha, now be gone!

This will backfire badly. Brack Obama has forgotten he’s the president of all Americans, and not just one race – or so it will seem to many voters:

BARACK Obama has accused police of acting stupidly in arresting a prominent Harvard professor, and condemned racial profiling used to unfairly discriminate against blacks and Hispanics.

“This still haunts us,” said the US President, in a rare allusion to his African-American background

Continued below….

“I am the president..!”


Behave like monkeys and we will call you on it!

Charles Johnson (LGF) sides with black racists: Disgusting Racist of the Day  

Only whites are racist… right?  Take your fake outrage and rub it, Charlie!


Black vs white racism doesn’t exist. Google “chimp” and see what you’ll find!

The police officer at the center of a national racial firestorm triggered by President Barack Obama told an interviewer Thursday that he had nothing to apologize for in the arrest of a black Harvard scholar, and that the president he didn’t vote for should have more carefully considered his words.

“The apology won’t come from me, I’ve done nothing wrong,” Sgt. James Crowley told Carl Stevens of WBZ News Radio in Boston. Read it all and watch the video, here…

5 thoughts on “Bring it on, racists!”

  1. Obambi LIED and Affirmative action DIED

    Obambi LIED and Racial tolerance DIED

    Obambi LIED and Democracy DIED

    Obambi LIED and Israel DIED

    Lets talk RACISM shall we because there is one race that has a completely disproportunate influence in the USA be that in Government in Politics in Judiciary in Hollywood and on TV and last but not least as perpetrators of violent crimes including murders (89%). Who can this be well having ONLY 13% of the Population I give you the BLACKS. 96% of whom voted in a BLATANTLY RACIST way for the Obamanation. Now thats REAL RACISM.

  2. Hey! Congress AND the president say its fine to be racist! They appointed a racist to the supreme court didn’t they? If they says its OK, then I say its OK.

  3. Gates Acted Like an Elitist Asshole When Confronted by Cambridge Police….

    Even Puff Ho takes notice:

    Cambridge Police Union President Stephen Killion “Disgraced” That Obama “Is Our Commander-In-Chief”

    The comments section is as expected though…. whitey devils aren’t allowed to oppose dear leader.

    They seem to deliberately misunderstand that the real issue here is the inappropriate intervention by the commander in chief. – But facts don’t matter to them, neither that the incident is still under investigation. It doesn’t seem to worry them at all that this elitist shitnik of a “black history” professor put himself above the law and cries victim.

  4. Solution: Publicly state that this racist “professor” will no longer be on the emergency 911 database. No fire, no police, no ambulance…we just can’t have someone who will threaten our city workers with racism, thereby threatening their entire futures. Mr. Asshole, you are ON YOUR OWN. In fact, I would make sure to get the message out that this man no longer has police protection….see if the thugs (black included) don’t come out of the wood work. He’ll have to hire his own 24 hour home security team, and have an ambulance standing by on retainer.

    All reparations for slavery have been paid in full with Barry Soetoro, the first and possibly LAST black precedent.

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