Controlled Media Cover up Invader Riots in France

How Muslim minds are groomed to become lifelong zombies that they can’t apply minimum logic and reason to discover numerous obvious errors and contradictions in the Quran and that they consider the most horrendous, unethical and barbarous actions of Muhammad as acts of great morality and humanity…









The controlled media has continued with its deception over the effects of immigration by covering up the reality behind the latest riots in France. Rather than name the culprits as Third World colonisers from Muslim North Africa, they’ve described the perpetrators as “youths.”

The latest unrest – which has seen more than 300 vehicles torched overnight in Paris as the culmination of three days successive rioting in southern France – is being described as ‘traditional Bastille Day rioting’ by the BBC and the wire services.

The rioting in the south of France was also committed by North African colonisers after a 21 year-old man ‘of Algerian origin’ hanged himself in a police cell in the town of Firminy.

According to the extremist leftist Guardian newspaper, the ‘youths’ in Firminy have burned local shops, torched dozens of cars and have stoned the police. The local bakers, chemist, tobacconist and hairdressing salon were razed. Two hundred riot police were brought in to control rioters with teargas and plastic bullets.

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7 thoughts on “Controlled Media Cover up Invader Riots in France”

  1. These people are NOT welcome!!!! The people of Firminy have been attacked for NO reason – the lack of logical thinking in the muslim mind is simply astounding!!!!

  2. Sadly it is approaching the real bullet stage. These muslims are incredibly stupid – rather than better themselves and contribute to different societies they try their best to destroy these societies so that they can return to 630 AD. One can have nothing but contempt for these people.

  3. In my country we would be using real bullets. We would be standing out in front of our homes with rifles and at the first sign of approaching rioters someone would get shot. This tends to disperse them and reduce their desire to destroy other peoples hard earned property. There aren’t enough police for these situations so we would just take care of it ourselves. Of course you must have a weapon to be able to use it for self protection.

  4. Islam has been in India and the Islamists (Mughals) ruled Hindu India for over 500 years. Will Durant an American historian says about 100 million Hindus died calling it one of the bloodiest times in Earth’s history. Millions of them were converted into Islam. Once the man and his family had given assent to convert, the males would be taken to a nearby Mosque and forcibly circumcised. In 1947, the muslims in India wanted a state to themselves, thus Pakistan and East Pakistan was born in 1947. Pakistan had a Hindu population of 10-15% based on various estimates, today it is at less than 1%. East Pakistan (now bangladesh) had a Hindu population of 30%, now it is at 11%. India’s muslim population has grown to 15%. Kashmir is a muslim majority province in india, they want independence. We want to see how many more provinces want independence. Read

  5. I was searching for a news article for psychology class relating to prejudice and I stumbled on to this.

    Kaw: Thank you for having such a high opinion of over a billion people you don’t know. Perhaps, one should educate one self before judging others.

    A Hindu from India: First to say that Islam coming to India brought one of the most bloodiest times is simply Earth’s history is incorrect. Great progress was made during that time. was not the Taj Mahal after all made by a Muslim king? The partition of India left millions of people displaced on both sides of the border. Many of the casualties were Muslims who were forced out of the homes they resided in all their lives. Also, the problem of Kashmir is certainly more complex then just wanting independence. I won’t bore you with bias statistics or comments of hate but I urge you to think.

    Please keep an open mind to situations. Prejudice doesn’t solve problems. It only creates conflicts. If you post comments like these you only infuriate others to do the same and justify their opinions of you (a self-fulfilling prophesy).

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