Dead Arab Causes Carbeques in Paris

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Paris Muslim suburb burns

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Muslim riots in France in 2006 
Politiken — Marie Hjortdal
Muslim paris burns again 

Muslim ”Youths”  revolt after a man an Arab criminal died committed suicide in prison of Saint-Etienne. The Police is responding with tear gas.

For the third night in a row the police and young demonstrators fought in the night in a suburb of Paris. 

The [Muslim] youths in the town of Saint-Etienne have felt anger at the local police, and at night thrown projectiles at the police, smashed police cars and set cars and buildings ablaze. The police responded with tear gas. 

The young [Muslim] people’s anger is due to a 21-year-old local man’s dead in the city jail.

The 21-year-old Mohamed Benmouna was hospitalized on Tuesday in a coma, according to the police, after he tried to hang himself in his jail cell. Benmouna who was charged with attempted extortion, died the day after, writes the news agency AP. 

The residents of the working district of Saint-Etienne, Mohamed Benmouna lived in, believe that police have killed the prisoner. His parents have filed a complaint and asked for a thorough investigation of what led to their son’s death. 

On the street the “Youths” are expressing their anger in other ways. About 30 cars were set ablaze, and seven stores in a shopping center went up in flames. 

The government tries to calm the situation

The young [Muslim] people’s anger flared up last night, as a prosecutor, Jacques Pin, said that medical examinations of Benmouna showed no signs of violence. The young man died of cardiac arrest, according to the Prosecutor, by suffocation. 
Violence arouses memories of the riots that have dominated the Paris suburbs on a regular basis since 2005 when two teenagers died when they tried to flee from the police.
Burned cars in muslim Saint-Etienne 

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  1. “Violence arouses memories of the riots that have dominated the Paris suburbs on a regular basis since 2005 …”

    Four years of inaction.

  2. These Islamic parasites are just begging for a excuse to act like their true self’s barbaric sub human existence. There is always the classics insulting the profit or disrespecting the quran waiting there too for them to act like a bunch of freaking baboons.

  3. Those riots will stop overnight when the police respond as they should respond, with violence, the only tool muzzies understand or use.

  4. I watched a programme , Supernanny , for the first time last week .
    A child ‘expert ‘ helps families with problem kids – ‘problem ‘ probably meaning ‘spoilt ‘ / never disciplined .
    The parents had never set any rules and stuck to them and the kids were driving them to distraction for years .
    The kids , especially the oldest , were awful , swearing , hitting ,
    arrogant .
    This ‘expert ‘ arrives , sets down some rules and sticks to them
    A few weeks later , it’s happy families .

    I’m not saying laying down some rules will automatically bring about a happy families situation in our society but it would encourage those not so nasty to toe the line and the others – gaol or deportation .
    It would be a step in the right direction – which direction are we heading in now ?

  5. The police in France look about as useless as the British police, I think the time has come, if we’re to deal with this problem seriously, is a complete change in strategy.

    Send the army/special tactics squads in and VIOLATE some human rights!!! Then, when the ECHR starts bleating on, tell them to “fuck off”.

    I should be a politician, everything would be sorted within weeks. All it needs is a set of BIG BALLS!!!

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