4 thoughts on “Gimme Shelter (Live) – The Rolling Stones”

  1. Too bloody right. As a boomer I grew up with the Stones as my soundtrack.

    Together with the Beatles they were the yin and yang of British rock music. The Beatles used Motown as their early base, whilst the Stones chose Chess.

    Any argument over who is ‘best’ is so self defeating but as blues addict I tend to play my Stones CD’s and Gimme Shelter has to be the one.

    And my memory always has a jolt when I recall, after seeing them in the small provincial town of Bradford, a shrieking noise and Brian Jones running about ten yards from us, pursued by ardent girls hoping for who knows what.

    Then as far as our establishment was concerned they were virtual enemies of the state. Now it seems our state is that self same enemy and Bradford is a virtual colony of Pakistan with around a 40% Muslim population. I certainly know which ‘enemy’ I’d prefer.

  2. They were both great bands. However, John Lennon singing get back to Pakistan (lost Let it Be tapes) is probably more relevant to the site. Isn’t it ironic, 1970, and they were already being told to F’k off

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