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Whenever I write about Europe’s shriveled birth rates, I get irate letters from Brits and Germans and the rest saying, “You idiot! I’d love to have kids. But I can’t afford ’em.” Of course not. You’re paying for Afghan welfare moms’ kids: 

The 36-year-old moved into the detached property last July and receives £170,000 a year in benefits, which includes £12,500 a month for her rent.

£170,000 = $275,000.

Mrs Saiedi moved to London seven years ago after she fled her native Afghanistan during civil unrest.

She was made homeless from a five-bedroom house in Ealing, West London, in 2008 and pleaded with the council for a suitable home but there was nothing available.

As well as seven bedrooms, the house in nearby Acton has two reception rooms, a dining room, two kitchens and an extensive back garden.

The landlord, Ajit Panesar, is being paid double the normal market value of the property because of another government loophole.

If Osama bin Laden were smarter, instead of training suicide bombers to fly planes into skyscrapers, his Afghan camps would have been training up armies of women to do as Mrs. Saiedi did. The entire western world would be his by now.

National Review’s The Corner, July 11th 2009

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  1. Not only was the landlord a mosquerat,but the housing officers who set up the arrangement also.

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