Hizbollebanon: Mob attacks UNIFIL troops to prevent house searches

Lebanon: Mob of 100 injures 14 UNIFIL troops

Update: Egyptian police seized half a ton of explosives in a cemetery in the town of Rafah, an Egyptian security official said on Saturday. Haaretz


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Hizballebanon Update. “Lebanese civilians hurt 14 UNIFIL troops,” from the Jerusalem Post, July 18, via JW

PD*12985032Villagers in southern Lebanon on Saturday prevented UN peacekeepers from searching an abandoned building near a suspected Hizbullah weapons depot that exploded last week, a Lebanese security official said.

The official said dozens of men in Bir e-Salasel surrounded UNIFIL vehicles on Saturday and ordered the peacekeepers to leave.

Fourteen UNIFIL men were wounded when some 100 locals attacked them, Israel Radio reported. When the troops called for backup, the villagers fired at the reinforcements.

The village is close to Khirbat a-Silm, the site of Tuesday’s explosion in an abandoned building about 15 km. from Israel.

UN peacekeepers had no immediate comment on the incident in the Nabatiya governate, and Hizbullah has remained silent since the explosion.

Earlier, UNIFIL boosted its forces along the Israeli border, hours after 15 Lebanese civilians carrying Lebanese and Hizbullah flags crossed into Israel.

The group, which included several children, entered Israel in an area where there is no border fence, and returned to Lebanon after several minutes.

IDF soldiers spotted the group, and seeing it was unarmed, decided not to take action.

Nonetheless, the army stressed that the incident was a violation of Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the Second Lebanon War….


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Shavua tov, my dear readers. Here’s the main news from the past day or so:

  • Residents of the southern Lebanese village Bir el-Salasel prevented UN peacekeepers from searching an abandoned building near a suspected Hizbullah weapons depot that recently exploded.
  • This follows another incident involving Lebanese “civilians,” in which a group of 15 carrying Lebanese and Hizbullah flags crossed into Israel, prompting the IDF to criticize this “gross violation” of UN resolution 1701.
  • Introducing Hamaswood. And it has nothing to do with a certain checkpoint, nor Gazan smuggling of Viagra..or other things.
  • More suffering and starvation from the PA controlled areas.
  • Even former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has denounced the US adminstration’s focus on Israel’s construction in Judea and Samaria.

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