IAEA: Sleeping Watchdog Replaced by Retard

Today’s quote by  Rodney Dangerfield:

A girl phoned me the other day and said… Come on over, there’s nobody home. I went over. Nobody was home. 

Incoming IAEA chief: No evidence Iran seeking nuclear weapons

elbaradei_award2Nobel Wankers: El Baradei and Yukia Amano

The incoming head of the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog Yukiya Amano  said on Friday he did not see any hard evidence that Iran was trying to gain the ability to develop nuclear weapons.


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  1. using the word retard is just wrong. it’s demeaning and offensive to people with special needs. They are actual human beings with feelings. They get when you are mocking them. You should know better.
    Go read your Koran.

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