President Barachmoud Hussein Obamadinejad: Hopeless Changeling

  • Hard to interest you in this Obama-guy when all you ever want is Michael Jackson!

It’s Official: “The JOOOOOS Killed Michael Jackson!”

michaeljacksonisraeliflag                 You knew this was coming. Debbie Schlussel has more…

Inspired by the Gates of Vienna

Palin Quits!  “Only dead fish go with the flow!”

134_cartoon_affirmative_action_largeAffirmative Action is Racism!

cartoon-what-about-the-constitution-600Obama Increases Jiziyah to Jordan, Other Muslim States

New York: Muslims threaten to sue mayor Bloomberg in push to  add Islamic holidays to school year

Its all about “fairness” and “equality”, of course, about  “freedom of religion”, what could be more important for Muslims, for whom this “freedom” comes with forcing Islam on others, on bringing the sharia to rule over the infidels….? 

 “Discrimination may be an issue in this case.”

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dhimmitude 

By: Faith J. H. McDonnell Welcome to the convention of the Islamic Society of North America. ….more

5 thoughts on “President Barachmoud Hussein Obamadinejad: Hopeless Changeling”

  1. Why is it that Americans get everything Ars* about face:-
    1) 89% of violent crime in the USA is committed by Blacks and Hispanics yet on TV and in Hollywoodland all blacks and hispanics are either The BOSS, The very clever Lawyer, The Scientist, The Computer Expert, the cookie but Brilliant nerd and the hero’s bestest, longest and most true friend ever but NEVER the criminal.
    2) Michael Jackson and O.J. both rejected their blackness paedophile MJ even turned himself in to an ugly white drug addicted woman who BOUGHT three white children. But in an example of sublime STUPIDITY Jesse Jackson, Farakand and Al Sharpton are treating him as a paragon of black virtue and an example to blacks everywhere. Let me say if blacks think MJ is an example to be emulated then they really have had it.

    3) Left wing Moonbats and idiotic Liberals and Green NAZI’s vote in to power a Mohammedan LIAR Messiah and narcissistic megalomaniac who is well on his way to destroying the economy of the USA and setting up a dynasty and the gullible, hysterical emotional fools who put him in to power are STILL too stupid to wake up and smell the coffee.

    This was supposed to be the century of the USA and pax Americana but they have blown it already and its only 2009 and why through sheer STUPIDITY thats all.

  2. Oh yes and 96% of Blacks vi=oted for Obambi now try and convince me that isn’t RACIST.

  3. On a lighter note.

    When Farrah Fawcett die being good she naturally went to heaven.

    God said to her ‘Farrah you lived a good life so you are entitled to one wish.

    Being the unselfish person she was she asked. “God please make all the children in the World safe”

    So God killed Michael Jackson

  4. * It’s Official: “The JOOOOOS Killed Michael Jackson!”

    But he’s not dead – there have been several sightings…

    Michael Jackson may be alive !!!!
    Over the past few days there have been many Michael sightings.
    (http thing if you can be bothered)

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