Islam 4 UK: Why We do not Get Out of Your Country

Islam 4 UK

Islam 4 UK is the mob around Anjem Choudary’. They are by no means just a bunch of “nutters”, as some apologists for Islam would have it. They are the “real” muslims, and their understanding of the creed is mainstream Islam.

article-1160958-03d1d60a000005dc-163_634x385Jihad 4 UK group in action

From the horses mouth, ladies & gentlemen. No more excuses:

Probably one of the most asked questions to sincere Muslims who wish to establish Islamic Law in the United Kingdom. With several books dedicated to the long history of the British people, spanning in some cases over 15,000 years, why is it that Muslims wish to convert the indigenous population of the UK to a religion originating from the Arabian Peninsula? Furthermore, if Muslims within the UK detest the British way of life so much, then why is it that they do not ‘go back to their own countries’ and live peacefully according to their own values? 

To answer these questions one first needs to look to the reality we are facing in the world today. Undoubtedly, when one understands the current situation together with the essence of Islam, he or she will appreciate and understand why so many Muslims have adopted such a ‘radical’ agenda in the UK.  

Below are three fundamental reasons why Muslims in the United Kingdom have set out to establish Islamic Law on British soil:

1. Every single country in the world today is ruling by man-made law

Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an [EMQ 5:44], “Those who rule by other than what Allah (SWT) has revealed are Al-Kaafiroon.”

A common misconception held by the average non-Muslim is that countries such as Pakistan, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia etc. are ‘Islamic lands’ implementing the values of Islam over the masses.

Unfortunately, the reality of the world today (including that of the Muslim lands) is that there is not a single area where the Shari’ah is fully implemented, in reality we have a mixture of apostate rulers governing in the east and their disbelieving counterparts ruling in the West.

The last existing Islamic State was destroyed on the 3rd March 1924C.E. which prior to its removal had ruled over countries and continents for well over 1300 years with fairness and justice.

2. The man-made law governing the United Kingdom is oppressive and Muslims are obliged to speak out against oppression wherever they are

Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an, [EMQ 3:104] “Let there rise from among you groups who call to the khair (Islam) and command good and forbid evil, and it is they who are the successful.”

Total obedience to Almighty God is of paramount importance to every sincere Muslim and consequently he or she will strive as much as possible to ensure that their actions are in accordance with the Shari’ah.

Such orders include the necessity of commanding good and forbidding evil wherever they may be. Consequently, with Britain facing a moral decline in almost every single division in society whether social, economic, judicial, ritual etc. a Muslim is obliged to speak out against such matters as a manifestation of his tawheed (belief in the Oneness of God) and moreover offer a divine solution from Islam.

3. Islam is a universal and divine way of life sent to the whole of mankind

Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an, [EMQ 9:33] “It is He who has sent the Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam) to make it dominate over all other ways of life even though the disbelievers hate it.”

Unquestionably, Islam and the Final Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) have been designated by Almighty God for the people of Britain (and the world) to follow and obey; what started off in a small town in Makkah rapidly spread and encompassed vast lands and empires irrespective of nationality or creed.

What is unique about the Final Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) is that unlike all the other Prophets sent down by Almighty God, he (pbuh) was not sent to a specific nation e.g. Children of Israel, but rather he (pbuh) was sent to the whole of mankind, hence it is quite common to see the presence of large numbers of ‘white converts’ to Islam in Britain to emphasise this point.

In conclusion it is incumbent on the people of Britain and moreover the whole of the world to submit to the Will of Allah (SWT), and testify that there is none truly worthy of worship except Allah (SWT) and that Muhammad (pbuh) is His Final Messenger and furthermore implement the Shari’ah (Islamic Law) of Muhammad (pbuh) as a matter of obedience to their Creator.


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  1. What Islam Isn’t By: Dr. Peter Hammond – | Monday, April 21, 2008

    The following is adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond’s book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat:

    Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system.

    Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all the other components.

    Islamization occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called ‘religious rights.’

    When politically correct and culturally diverse societies agree to ‘the reasonable’ Muslim demands for their ‘religious rights,’ they also get the other components under the table. Here’s how it works (percentages source CIA: The World Fact Book (2007)) …………………..

    Continue to read here:

  2. As usual, this website features a nonsensical, and hateful interpretation of the issue. Muslims do not seek to “establish shari’ah” in the UK. They seek to follow it — which is what they must do in any case, and find a means for resolving the contradictions between various interpretations of shari’ah and existing provisions of UK law. 2. Muslims do not seek to impose shari’ah on non-Muslims. Non-Muslims have no obligation to follow it, but the more conservative (not only radicals) want non-Muslims to stop preventing Muslims from following shari’ah.
    Example. Some Muslims do not consider civil marriage sufficiently legal and it has restrictions that Islamic marriages lack, and vice-versa. For many good reasons (but also some questionable, or very negative ones in terms of women’s rights) various people want courts to recognize Muslim marriages concluded via shari’ah. That does not translate into the imposition of shari’ah on the UK. And it hasn’t happened! There are so many problems to resolve in the contradictions between the two systems. But magistrates who understand something about shari’ah, or about culturally-influenced interpretations of shari’ah – for ex. the need for women to travel with a mahr – are better able to cope with issues that are raised in divorce/support proceedings.
    If you want to quote the whacky and extreme statements of those who believe that ultimately all should become Muslim, that’s fine, just don’t confuse their views with those of ALL UK Muslims.

    1. “As usual, this website features a nonsensical, and hateful interpretation of the issue.”

      My dear Ahmed, the text is from Islam4UK and not a word is changed. We are not “interpreting” anything, but it is the exact text from your Muslim brothers. If you find anything “hateful” in it, please take it up with them.

      Or are you suffering from reading comprehension problems?

  3. Ahmed..
    Why can’t you people just fit in or F….. off.. why all the B/S about different systems? There is nothing in islam which shows ANY concern for women. There is Nothing of value in islam. Just look at the countries which have embraced sharia..They are hellholes which any sane person would want to flee. Islam creates nothing but unwanted children.

  4. Keep in mind guys (and gals) they lie to themselves so much about Islam they actually believe their own b’sh’t.

  5. Ahmed;
    if shari’ah is so damned great, why aren’t people flocking to live in the Shari’ah based Islamic countries? Why are so many getting out of dodge? I don’t consider the Hizb ut Tahrir a main stream religious group who wants shari’ah nor is Choudrey’s goup. They are as loony as the KKK or Nazis. Same goes for Hamas and Al Qaeda and Hizbullah. As for the Wahabbists, they still teach hate for the kafir.

  6. Islam in its own words and still Ahmed can’t see it.

    Sometimes I think us infidels know more about Islam than people like Ahmed!
    What a tragedy!
    Are we all being lied to?

  7. “Sometimes I think us infidels know more about Islam than people like Ahmed!”

    Oh, you would. Very few Moslems actually know much about their own religion, they just follow along because that’s what they have to do and that is what all their family and friends do. Mozz are in general not encouraged to try to understand the Koran for themselves (such as anyone can).

    When you point out the vile deeds and perversions of Mohammad the majority are deeply offended and flatly refuse to believe he did any such thing. They follow Satan but have no idea who he is.

  8. Ahmed – Your friends from Islam4Uk are the authors of the original article that cases offence. I have yet to see you or any other of your muslim community aplogise for these violent thugs. Daily we see muslims attempting to subvert our society. YOU WANT TO BE ACCEPTED- THEN INTEGRATE. Until you can prove that your intentions are honorable by action you should just shut up. Finally Ahmed – one law for all and that law will not be sharia – if you cannot accept OUR laws then leave – it is OUR country – we built it and muslims have contributed nothing.

  9. Once society and the mainstream media start to have an open discussion about the Koran. You will have the big mouths of Islam crying foul. They don’t want their “book” revealed to the world as pile of incoherent and evil nonesense. We must start asking the hard questions of these people, bring them out into the open and keep the spotlight on them constantly.

  10. If you do not want Sharia, then get OUT!!

    BTW, no country is implementing Sharia at the moment, therefore it needs to be established world wide.

  11. Just like Mohammadism Shariah is not ‘pick and choose’ so when you get Shariah it includes the whole bag amputating thieves arms and legs ,stoning adulterous women and hanging homosexuals. But of course taqqiya peddling Ahmed does not want to tell you that he wants you believe its just wise old men doing Marriage guidance. Too late Ahmed the Mohammedan cat is out of the bag we know your BS methods now.

  12. Alth,
    This is OUR home – not yours. You can leave. What a narrow minded bigoted little shit you are. We dont want sharia – it serves no useful purpose.
    you insipid little islamist twat.

  13. dont you folks love the “serious comment” by the muslim idiot alth (sort for alzeihmers) – BTW no country is ……. -Well Alth, you silly little muslim child, there is a reason why no one wants sharia – can you guess the reason?????

  14. ever wonderd why no one acctualy agrees to this B/S?
    just leave us with our own religions and you go back home and live happily w/e you like to do back in your own.
    but believe me when i say the UK wont go down without a fight

  15. How bloody dare you tell us if we dont like it we will get out – all of us British – not just the EDL – all the british people will kick ur arses if u try and overthrow us

    U claim to be a religion of peace what a load of bull – what is peace if you are cutting sum1 to shreds just becoz they are gay

    U idiots need to scale back on ur dreams – u cudnt take over the UK – you probably couldnt even take over Wales for CHRISTS sake

    I swear i long for the day you guys come up to west yorkshire and try and tell us to go home – u say it to me and i’ll throw over your pathetic little banners and shank u

    and btw good attempt at fighting the English Defense League – I enjoyed seeing the pictures on the national news of you lot getting battered

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