Kindly husband Noordin Top tried to hit Manchester United "Crusaders"

Manchester United targeted by Jakarta hotel bombers

* Soccer Jihad in Australia: Australian Islamist admits football terror plot 

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Malaysian terror suspect Noordin Mohammed Top

Noordin Top

The suicide bombers who attacked two luxury hotels in Indonesia this month were aiming to kill members of the Manchester United football team, according to an internet message allegedly written by the fugitive leader of an al-Qaeda faction.

“The [Manchester United] club consists of players who are Crusaders [Christians] and therefore they did not deserve to play in a Muslim country,” 

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To his wife, the man who called himself Abdul Halim was just an Indonesian husband like any other. His work took him away for long periods, it was true, but in the weeks that he spent at home he was attentive to Arina Rahma and their two young children.

He would put the kids to bed, help with the cooking and pray at the mosque in their hometown of Cilacap in Central Java. Then he would disappear for weeks at a time for his job — something to do with an Islamic school on the island of Sulawesi.

Indonesian Hotel Bomber Just a ‘Kindly’ Religious Man…

4 thoughts on “Kindly husband Noordin Top tried to hit Manchester United "Crusaders"”

  1. I wonder if he’s a Man City fan? Obviously jealous of the success the team across town has with their American owners, while his arab muslim owned team has spent a couple of hundred million and got nowhere!

  2. Today’s Offerings from the RoP:
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    Pakistani Rapist Inserts Acid into Victim’s Genitals…
    Hindu Temple Ransacked, Homes Destroyed in Muslim Rampage…
    Bangladeshi Politician Tied to Tree, Eyes Gouged Out…
    Australian Muslim Admits Plot-ting to Kill Thousands of Football Fans at Match…
    Iraqi Islamists Crack Down on Gays – 82 Killed in 2009…
    Police in Nigeria have freed 180 women and children held by radical Islamist group Boko Haram, as the army battles the well-armed sect.

    That’s just today’s list !
    If only this kind of news could be seen on TV -maybe people would start to wake up .

  3. damn it! Had they killed David Beckham the whole world would’ve awakened to the reality of islam.

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