Mustafa Ceric whines: EU “Hypocrisy” Radicalises Bosnian Muslims

Quick, open the floodgates before they become radicalized!

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Mustafa Ceric is, unless someone proves me wrong, the lunatic cleric who calls for the killing of all Jews from the pulpit while waving a scimitar, captured in Wilders Fitna. You can watch his hysterical, obsessive display of hate and derangement here>>

The Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) religious leadership and media and many European officials and politicians warn that the EU’s visa-liberalisation plan could lead to the radicalisation of Muslims in Europe and seriously destabilize the entire region.

“Bosniaks feel squeezed into a corner from which they do not see a way out. In this situation, outbursts of aggression are a wholly normal reaction,” Sead Numanovic, editor of prominent Sarajevo daily, Dnevni Avaz, wrote in his Tuesday column.

“European hypocrisy cannot be understood,” the leader of the influential Bosnian Islamic Community, Mustafa Ceric, said during the interment of identified remains of Bosniak war victims near the western town of Prijedor on Monday.

Michael Savage: Historical Facts And Truth About Serbian People/ Kosovo/ Albanian Muslim Nazis

Both comments reflect ongoing public criticism, across the region and in Europe, of a visa-liberalisation plan presented by the European Commission (EC) last week. The EC suggested to the EU Council of Ministers and European Parliament that the bloc’s visa-free regime be extended to Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, while excluding Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo.

The criticism was intensified by the fact that exclusion from the visa-free regime will almost solely affect Bosniaks, since most Bosnian Croats already have Croatian passports and most Bosnian Serbs can easily obtain Serbian passports.

Public sentiment in Bosnia holds that the new visa plan rewards the aggressors and punishes the victims, a feeling exacerbated by the timing of the EC announcement which was made only days after the fourteenth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre.

“After everything that you have seen, now you tell us from Brussels that we cannot go to Europe with visas,” Ceric said in his Monday address. “Now you have rewarded our killers.”

The visa-liberalisation plan has caused some divisions on both the regional and European political scenes and has triggered a number of public petitions demanding changes. Germany’s Social Democratic Party, SPD, has launched a challenge in the Bundestag.

Fears have been expressed in the domestic media and by international officials that the visa recommendations plan could lead to the ghettoisation of Bosnian Muslims, triggering a hardening of their positions and promoting long-term instability in the region.

“There needs to be a fundamental critique of the [EU] Balkan policy of the last five years,” an EU official told Balkan Insight.

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  1. Ahhh yes, the blackmail of “radicalized” Muslims will arise if you do don’t pay the jizya & treat us like we so special. Another words the EU better turn the fledgling Bosnian caliphate into a welfare paradise, otherwise they will have no choice but to act like a true Muslim and terrorize you all.

    How about we throw Obama out of the Whitehouse on his traitor azz and get a President that will start Balkans air war part 2…and bomb these freaking offspring of the 13th Waffen Handschar division straight to allah’s flaming paradise. That would be true justice.

  2. Of course , swinging a sword above your head and calling for the death of all Jews does nothing to radicalise muslims .
    It’s about time we started swinging a few swords .

  3. What we need is a list of things that don’t radicalise muslims.

    I’ll make a start …

    … can anyone think of anything else?

  4. You stupid idiot, that man in the video is NOT Mustafa Ceric. The man in the video is obviously from the Middle-East, not Bosnia! You think they are the same just because they are wearing a turban/hat like that. Mustafa Ceric is a very peaceful man and a man of his words. What a damn idiot you filthy pigs are, may God utterly destroy all of you and may you rot in the grave and burn in Hell for eternity. Amen!

  5. Here is the peaceful Mustafa Ceric faking away on the ABC, flogging
    sharia law as being kind to your neighbour and telling the truth (would you agree on the “truth” bit, Solkhar?):

    The Grand Mufti of Bosnia
    The “most progessive Grand Mufti in the World” in Australia

    [Mustafa Ceric: You know what sharia means? Sharia means to be kind to your neighbour, to be nice and that means to tell the truth, to be just. Sharia is the Weltenschauung of a Muslim, but sharia is so beautiful and has so many things. You see this interview that you are now [conducting], we are talking to you, this is sharia, this is sharia tells me that I have to talk to you, that I have to communicate with you. So is that sharia acceptable to you? Sharia is the ethics of sharing.]

    Spin it, Mustafa – Bob Brown & Co will soak in it.

    1. More on Ceric, here:

      Bosnia: Jihadist Leader Mustafa Ceric Calls For More Sharia

      for Srebrenica, Geller has quoted information from former BBC journalist Jonathan Rooper. BBC journalists are now bigoted genocide deniers? Here is a sample:

      The premise that Serbian forces executed 7,000 to 8,000 people “was never a possibility,” according to former BBC journalist Jonathan Rooper, who investigated on site and through official records over many years the events which followed the capture of Srebrenica, and whose findings are presented in the upcoming report of the Srebrenica Research Group. He noted that by the first week of August 1995, 35,632 people had registered with the World Health Organization and Bosnian Government as displaced persons, survivors of Srebrenica, a figure which was later referred to [in] an Amnesty International report and the report of the Dutch Government.
      Rooper noted that the International Committee of the Red Cross and The New York Times reported that about 3,000 Muslim soldiers who fought their way across Serb held territory to Muslim lines near Tuzla, were also survivors. The ICRC confirmed that these soldiers were redeployed by the Bosnian Army “without their families being informed.” The figure of 3,000 soldiers who survived was also confirmed by Muslim Gen. Enver Hadzihasanovic, who testified at The Hague. These figures made it clear that at least 38,000 Srebrenica residents survived out of a population of 40,000 before the capture of the enclave. Around 2,000 Muslims who fled with the 28th Division were killed, most by fighting, but also hundreds executed by paramilitary units and a mercenary group.

      None of this information is consistent with the claims that there was a genocide of Muslims there, and it comes from a former BBC journalist, the World Health Organization, the Bosnian Government, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the New York Times, and Muslim General Enver Hadzihasanovic. Perhaps some challenge can be made to these claims, but it is a legitimate discussion that needs to be had, rather than waving away Pamela Geller as some hate-filled genocide denier, which is the purpose of the inclusion of Srebrenica in the Leftist/Islamic supremacist dossier on her. The Commentator should have known better than to repeat that tendentious nonsense.

      Robert Spencer, while sadly recently attracted to the thuggish English Defence League (that I have denounced on previous occasions) and indeed a good friend of Gellar [sic], has a far more academic and rigorous approach to his work. Don’t get me wrong, flirtation with the EDL reflects ignorance and rightly arouses suspicion – but does it require a curtailment of the freedom of travel and freedom of speech? I don’t think so.
      “Thuggish,” i.e., they fight back. Geller sums it up: “I was there when they were formed as a result of vicious epithets and abuse being hurled at returning soldiers by devout Muslims. The rise of the EDL was a natural response, an organic repulsion to a hatred, to a violent movement bent on the destruction of our way of life. I have monitored the group for the past four years. Are they perfect? Of course not, and I have expressed concerns in the past (here and here), and they do their best to purge their ranks of problems, but their heart is in the right place. I understand there is a class system still in Britain and these blokes are a bit rough round the edges and less than cultured, but so what?…The EDL is thuggish? I see. That reeks of elitism. These boys are a bit dirty and they don’t do high tea at 4. But I know they have no racist agenda, and far from being neo-Nazis, they’re one of the most (if not the most) pro-Israel groups in Britain. They’ve reached out to Jews, Sikhs, women, gays and others. They oppose violence and do not provoke it; they just fight back when attacked.”

      Then comes The Commentator’s faint praise:

      Even an Imam had to recently admit that Spencer knew his stuff. Don’t believe me? Listen to this interview of his with the BBC Asian Network last week. And also, weep at how uninformed Nick Lowles of the Hope Not Hate group is. And before you claim, “OMG you’re endorsing Robert Spencer!” No I’m not. I’m just saying, he’s not as “out there” as people claim. And he’s certainly not ban-worthy.

      “And before you claim, ‘OMG you’re endorsing Robert Spencer!’ No I’m not.” Again The Commentator buys into the Leftist/Islamic supremacist contention that there is something wrong with us, something wrong with what we do, and they hasten to assure their masters that they’re not buying into it — it’s just the free speech principle of the thing, don’t you see?

      This reminds me of National Lampoon’s wonderful early 1970s parody album Radio Dinner, which featured a wonderful Joan Baez imitation that artfully skewered her limosine radicalism: “Pull the triggers n****rs, we’re with you all the way/Just across the Bay…” We’re doing the dirty work that The Commentator knows needs to be done, and by golly, they’re with us — about 500 miles back, manicured hands reaching for teacups. How shocked they will be when the same engines of defamation and libel that have created the lies that got us banned from Britain turn on them. But who will speak up for them then, when all the “shrill” and “abrasive” types are long gone from the scene?

      An excerpt from here:

  6. An inside track from bosnia itself:
    *Ceric is an idiot (but he is not elected in any way)
    * Most info in this article is bogus, but it is possible (even likely) that he said something stupid again
    …just in case somebody actually looking to inform themselves stumbles across this website.

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