Outrage? Where is the Outrage?

Outrage over UK police move to go soft on Muslim extremists to prevent further radicalisation

London, July 11 : In a bid to stop Muslim extremists from becoming more militant, the UK Government is set to issue a guideline for police, directing them not to charge them in many hate crime cases, a move that has created outrage amongst critics.

Oh really?  So what are these outraged sheeple doing about it? More…


While Obama worries about ‘settlements’… Hamas is turning Gaza into a Taliban-like Caliphate…

UK: Muslim targets 8-year old boys for jihad

Atlas: FACEBOOK CRACKDOWN ON ANTI TERROR GROUPS UPDATED: FACEBOOK refusing to remove groups that deny the Holocaust, Aids the spread of hate

 Venezuelan Thug in Chief, Hugo Chavez in Gaza soon, with”gorgeous”  Gallloway

6a00e008c6b4e58834011571085ad7970c-400wiThis is what you get if you don’t eliminate your enemies…

                                     The Road to Ruin

big-spending-negro16  Jacob Laksin Can the country survive a second stimulus? ….more

How the Dollar Works (and Why Current Policy Will Wreck it and the Economy With It)

Australian Universities: a Study in Shams and Scams

H/T Bolt:

AUSTRALIA’S lust for high-dollar Indian students has led to a thriving black market in sham marriages, forged English language exams and bogus courses, and turned a once-respected international education sector into a recognised immigration racket.

While the federal government and industry work to repair the damage caused by a recent spate of attacks on Indian students in Australia, education agents say the violence has shone a light on a $14 billion industry riven with corruption.